Duke Evers and Snuff Redux presented by Band in Seattle

Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 7pm

  • All ages
  • Free beer tickets
  • Doors open at 6:00pm
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What's more Seattle than supporting your local businesses? Supporting your local musicians, that's what. So be a responsible Northwestern-er and get yourself down to Victory Studios for the taping of our next episode of Band in Seattle with Duke Evers and Snuff Redux on February 10th. Front doors open at 6PM at Victory Studios, 2247 15th Avenue West (near the Interbay Golf Center).

Duke Evers:

Born from an unbridled urge to play pure, loud, energetic rock-n-roll, Duke Evers began its life in a simple living room in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle in late 2012. After moving in together as complete strangers, it didn't take long for guitar/vocalist Josh Starkel and drummer Kyle Veazey to discover the musical chemistry that they possessed. Equipped with nothing more than a guitar, a toy drum set, and a handheld recorder, Duke Evers was created. With a never say die attitude they continue to evolve and establish their sound. Recently adding a third member Dune Butler on bass, Duke Evers released their first full-length in November 2016, "Violet Hips"

Snuff Redux:

Snuff Redux’s new EP Besides You runs the gamut from catchy lo-fi garage-pop to scruffy Fall-via-Pavement post-punk. The Seattle band’s EP shifts and changes in musical direction with each track; “Stop the Judge” is almost, but not quite, a jangly pop number, while “Anyway” sounds like the embodiment of all your angsty-goth teenage years contained in a single track. “How Could It Be” is the most surf-rock the band get, sounding like a crossover hybrid between the Beach Boys and, say, Deerhunter? Besides You is a great anti-pop endeavor, memorable hooks hidden under loud, rumbling guitars and hazy mumbling. 


Victory Studios

2247 15th Ave. West
Seattle, WA 98119

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