Devotional Touch with Will and Julie Hekate

Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 7:00pm

An Introduction to Erotic Massage

Ever wanted to express to someone just how gorgeous, loved, worthy or desirable they are? Worship their body with every caress? Or maybe you want to be the one receiving this deliciously sensual treat!

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Erotic massage can be a fantastic way to connect deeply with a partner and/or your own erotic embodiment. It can be nourishing and sweet, exploring and curious, or sizzling hot... and we can show you how! In this workshop we will introduce some of the basics, including:

what you'll need before, during and after
how to communicate intention through your touch
how to use different strokes, toys and breathing techniques to turn up the heat, and how to cool it down too

We will also touch on some common pitfalls, and tips on how to avoid them.

This workshop will include some lecture and some live demonstrations of erotic massage. Knowing how both Will and Julie love experiential learning, there may be an optional (clothed, non-sexual) exercise or two for you to try in class! Individuals, couples and moresomes of all genders and orientations are welcome to attend.

About the presenters:

Julie Hekate is an integrative Sex & Intimacy Coach who facilitates erotic transformation for individuals, couples and groups. Wildly eclectic, she draws from such diverse sources as earth-based spirituality, tantra, and neuroscience to provide cutting edge opportunities for learning and growth. She considers this work to be a way of repairing bridges – between spirit and body, between our sexuality and everyday lives, and between our wild, playful and intelligent selves. Based in Seattle, Julie can be found online at

Will's coaching and education practice is founded in Sexological Bodywork and sacred intimacy. He also adds his own spiritual experience in sacred sexuality to deepen erotic experience and exploration. As a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Will has been trained in a variety of instructive modalities, including erotic massage, breathwork, pelvic release bodywork, scar tissue remediation and Orgasmic Yoga coaching. Find him online at

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Center for Sex Positive Culture Annex

1608 15th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119

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