Bodytalk x Slop: Fun in the Sun ft. Morelia (LA)

Sat, Aug 17 at 2pm

  • 21+
  • Open Air Venue
  • Recording for Slop Radio
  • Vendors
  • Live Art
  • Human Petting Zoo
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It's a hot pig summer! Join Bodytalk and Slop as they join up for the event of the summer. At an open air venue in Belltown... everything will change. Join us for Vendors, live artists, a human petting zoo???, and more! This event will be recorded for Slop Radio so come dressed to impress!! 


Morelia (LA)

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Born in Dallas, TX, but later living in South Florida, Denver, and now Long Beach, CA, Morelia, aka Tanner Munn has been on a journey of electronic music production since the age of 13. Forever branding himself as Mannequin, once getting down the proper technique, Tanner began a house-specific alias called Morelia. This project has been gaining momentum since the day it started and has had music signed to labels like Box Of Cats, Perfect Driver, Broken, and My Techno Weighs a Ton.


DJ Wifi (Dial Up) 


Representing the upper left corner of the United States–DJ WIFI is a Seattle-based producer and DJ that serves her own blend of uptempo techno rhythms, clubby vocals and trance inspired melodies. Her passion for electronic music started at the young age of 10 when she purchased her first trance CD, falling in love with artists like DJ Sammy, Ian Van Dahl and Darude. This early fascination has come full circle - creating and spinning high-energy, dance music. Right now DJ WIFI is taking her talents worldwide, performing in a handful of major cities, from NYC to London & Tokyo. Beyond the rave, DJ WIFI has made appearances on The Lot Radio, SOHO Radio & Subtle Radio, showcasing tracks from her latest EP’s “HOTSPOT” and “SWEAT”. Whether she’s in the studio or behind the decks, the goal is simple: to keep you dancing and moving, all night long.


Edders (Data Club) 

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Korra the Kid (Slop, Deep N Bass) 


Korra The Kid is a Seattle-based DJ with 9+ years of DJ experience (but still gen z... wow!). She predominantly plays hybrid sets, mixing elements of 160 dnb, pop, hip hop, hyper pop, breaks, techno, footwork, jungle, and grime into her sets. Keeping percussion-heavy, underground electronic music cute is her goal, and she’s constantly expanding her genre range. The cuter.... the better. The weirder.... even better! You may have seen Korra perform at festivals such as Basscoast, Cascadia, APOG, or Bellingham Arts and Music Festival. She also frequently plays well-loved Seattle venues such as Kremwerk and Monkey Loft.


Mare (Portland) 



We have zero tolerance for violence, racism, transphobia, sexism or other discriminatory language or actions. Please do not stare at anyone. And remember that if you want to touch another guest or someone who is working, ask first if it’s okay.