Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame

Sun, Mar 31 from 1pm - 3pm

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$25.42 with fees
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Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame is a project started in 2009 by Nekole Shapiro and Allena Gabosch. It was born out of the intersection between Nekole’s awareness that sexual shame hinders birth and parenting and Allena’s life long mission to eradicate sexual shame from the planet. With over 50 years of combined experience pushing edges for the purpose of healing and community building, these two created the perfect team to guide numerous discussions on the topic of how to talk to our kids about sex. 

For 5 years they met once a month in Seattle with anyone willing to show up to have a discussion on how to raise children without sexual shame. Today, their work carries on via the Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame Facebook page and through events such as this, wherein communities host panels and discussions on the topic of how to Raise Kids Without Sexual Shame. We look forward to learning more from each other every day.

No late entry will be allowed due to the intimate nature of this workshop. Doors will be locked at 10 minutes after the start time.
Open to all 18+
Attendance is limited to 30 people.
Questions may be directed to: education@pan-eros.org

Facilitated by Nekole Shapiro. More information about the panel to come.

About the Facilitator:

Nekole Shapiro helps you dive into your body to find your own best expert for your own best life. With her roots firmly in Tantra, she weaves her lifetime of body-work experience together with her Columbia University pre-medical and cultural anthropology studies to create ground breaking education experiences for parents, birth pros, sex educators, activists and countless others searching to bring the human back to humanity. Her “almost indescribable” approach is catching on and changing lives! You can learn more about Nekole at http://www.nekole.com.

Gallery Erato

309 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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