Salon of SEAF: Naughty Valentine Crafting

Sun, Feb 10 from 1pm - 4pm

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Admits one to workshop.
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Come make naughty art from our retired library books! This is your chance to make unique, sexy gifts out of our library's extra copies, out-of-date text books, comics, and pulp novels for Valentine's Day! Join local artist Molly Maloney (aka Glitter & Snark) for an evening of crafting and art making with words and books. Your studio fee gives you access to hundreds of books that can be used in any creative way you think of, as well as basic supplies such as scissors, glue, paper, and ink, and few extra fancy items like NSFW stamps and a die cutter and dies.  

Molly will have sample ideas for you to choose from, or you can bring your own supplies and plans. All the sample ideas are simple and can be elaborate as you image. Imagine giving unique gifts like "blackout poetry" and Valentines with a sexy backstory.

Warning: we are allowing people to cut up, mark on, and disassemble old library books. This activity is not recommend for traditional book fetishists. Molly says the first time one rips the page out of a book can be heart-rending, but as long as your intentions are pure and art focused, you will be ok. 

This is a no-loose-glitter art making event! Glitter glue is allowed, but nothing that will leave glitter behind.

All sexes, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, religions are welcome and celebrated.

Cost: $20 (Solo) $30 (Duo) and $40 (Trio)

Admission includes access to materials and an optional paper bag full of books to take home for more art making. 

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Water and treats available. Please bring your own bottle or cup.
Open to all. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Questions may be directed to:

Salons have long been gatherings of like-minded people sharing ideas and connecting. The Seattle Erotic Art Festival follows this grand tradition of creating spaces for people to meet, talk, and share conversation and ideas. Look for more Salons of SEAF in future months!

Image created by Glitter & Snark using old Playboy magazines, paper, ink, and glue.

Gallery Erato

309 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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