WARP Theatre Presents 4twenty
Stories that Examine, Celebrate, Demystify, and Normalize Cannabis Culture

Running April 14th through April 22nd

  • 18+

WARP's Spring 2017 Showcase is entitled: "4twenty" 

This showcase features stories that examine, celebrate, demysitify, and normailze cannabis culture. 

WARP Theatre produces short-plays, short-films, and short-musicals. Multi-disciplinary Opportunties are available to all auditioners. 

WARP Theatre is an educational organiation offering opportunities to anyone who wishes to learn the craft of theatre. No previous experience required!

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Joe Derr, Roger Neale, Jim Fox, Amy Youngblood, G. Mike West, Karen DeMasters, Evan Cristopher, John Paul Sharp


Allison Lloyd, Maggie Carrido Adams, Travis Michael Moore, Joe Derr


Amy Youngblood, Danielle Alexis Nichole Mitchell, Eric Singletary, Elizabeth Hagert, James Merritt, G. Mike West, Greg Beach, Karen DeMasters, Michael Lacker, Molly Blades, & Navia Panelo 


  1. "Bromancing the Stone"; Written by Joe Derr, Directed by Maggie Carrido Adams

    Bromancing the Stone is a short play celebrating the diverse relationships recreational cannabis can create. Group of friends are dazed and confused.
  2. "Do Canaries Get High"; Written by Roger Neale, Directed by Maggie Carrido Adams

    Do Canaries Get High is a short-play which features a thought-provoking look into the mind of Harry Anslinger; by purposing an intimate connection between Anslinger and Billie Holiday during the days of early prohibition.
  3. "Grass"; Script Written by Jim Fox, Music by John Paul Sharp, Directed by Allison Lloyd

    The Grass is Greening is a short-musical, in three acts, where a young programmer falls in love and finds freedom through marijuana.
  4. "Joint Disagreement"; Written by Amy Youngblood & G. Mike West, Directed by Travis Moore

    Joint Disagreement is a short-play demystifying the Cultural Revolution we are experiencing with the gradual lift of marijuana prohibition. Two young men are taught stoner edict by "seasoned" burners.
  5. "Starbudz"; Written by Evan Christopher, Directed by Allison Lloyd

    Starbudz is a short-play celebrating a not so everyday recreational purchase. Set in a recreational shop, complete with a variety of potency and tolerance levels.
  6. "Who is the Criminal"; Written by Karen DeMasters, Directed by Travis Moore

    Who is the Criminal is a short-play examining the connection between profiteering and the "common criminal"
  7. "Waiting for Weed"; Written by John Paul Sharp, Directed by Joe Derr

    Waiting for Weed is a short-film examining the cultural and societal ramifications of Corporate Cannabis and the neglected communities they affect. Set in the queue of a well-established, but unnamed, marijuana retail chain.

Theatre Puget Sound, Theatre 4

305 Harrison St
Armory Building — Fourth Floor

Seattle, WA 98109

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