Useful Features

Stranger Tickets is a full-service ticket system with tons of advanced features. It's completely free to use our system! Our service fees are charged to the ticket buyer and are very low.

  • Create, Manage, & Control Your Events

    The full-featured dashboard gives you control over all aspects of the ticketing process: inventory, pricing, promotional codes, customer information, and detailed information on up-to-the-moment sales.

  • A Complete
    Box Office Solution

    Stranger Tickets can work as your complete box office solution: selling, printing, and scanning tickets at your location, all synced and integrated with your online inventory.

  • Simple, User-Friendly Checkout

    We work hard to make the process of buying tickets simple and fast for your customers. We're kind of obsessed with it.

  • Ticket Delivery

    Stranger Tickets can accommodate any type of ticketing fulfillment you can imagine.

    • Mailed tickets
    • Print-at-home tickets
    • Will-call tickets
    • Mobile tickets
    • Pre-printed tickets
    • Point-of-sale on-demand tickets
  • Scanning App

    Use our free app to scan tickets in and out of your event. The Bold Type Tickets Scanning app can handle events from a small fundraising dinner to a giant outdoor event with dozens of gates and tens of thousands of attendees.

  • Promoting Your Event

    Our close connection to popular arts and entertainment publications in many cities can help you sell more tickets. Contact us to discuss options for promoting your event—we'd love to help!

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Have your own merchant account? Once integrated into our system, you can get your ticket sales proceeds as they happen. Or you can use our merchant account and we'll pay you a few days after your event.

  • Options, Options, Options

    Is your event sort of complicated? Add-on products, multiple ticket types and price levels? Don't sweat it! We've done it all before, and we're here to help.

  • Customer and Client Support

    Our top-notch support team is available online and by phone to help you and your customers with any questions or problems before, during, and after your event.