The Peacers, Flat Worms, Feed, Tissue at LoFi

Fri, Nov 17 at 9pm - Sat, Nov 18 at 1am (Pacific)

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The Peacers
- Introducing The Peacers Introducing the Crimsmen! Escalating from a disembodied voice to slowly mounting full-band hypnosis, this is a trip into the goldenrod days of fandom, a dimension where a t-shirt could change your life. Since their first LP in the summer 2015, The Peacers have been gigging in SF and around, woodshedding and collecting tunes for this divinely awaited moment: Introducing the Crimsmen. Lurching back into life, with buzz and hum alight and colors flashing, is the name, but the instigators of the sound are almost a whole other bunch (Mike Donovan, Shayde Sartin, Mike Shoun and Bo Moore)! Which is good — who do you trust with a treat to jam in your ears more than new/old friends capable of tapping good old sounds Nobody but The Peacers, that’s who. The tunes rock forth from a jukebox with a crack in the glass, with channels leaking / kaleidoscopic aspects of low-fi life directed back through the wires to form discrete detail, little shadows, backdrops, edgework. Introducing the Crimsmen: rainy day flows viewed through a delicate scope, where sounds that seem tossed off are actually as intricately laid out as biology; a circulatory system, with veins full of cool blue-grey blood. And the tunes! The Peacers got a hand into a variety of rock and roll baked goods. Whether gentle psych, basement throb, keening “Time of the Season” nocturne or ground-glass soundscape, it’s all bubblegum boiled in pot, scripted up with stinging street smart, zoloftnagenic reverie and a wink and a chill grin. Sing along to the shimmer of redefining depth, finding hidden and timeless time, bits of things they brought in from other places, all set in a relaxed array that only The Peacers are inclined to offer you. This’d make for a nice night out on the tiles as well — leaping to the bottomless sack of tunes with flecks of hazy shade, watery sunshine in the back of your mind. And it will. The Peacers, Introducing the Crimsmen.

- Flat Worms is a three piece punk band from Los Angeles with Will Ivy, Tim Hellman (Thee Oh Sees, Sic Alps and Justin Sullivan (Kevin Morby, The Babies). They’ve got a pretty good debut EP here, opening with “Petulance”, which speeds along like Sauna Youth, complete with a chorus that recalls an ambulance siren’s rhythm. This is followed by “Sovereignty”, a brief jolt of upscale jumpy punk not unlike The Intelligence. The title track takes hold of the b-side, ready for the overnight drive with a motorik drum-beat and lots of open air for the guitar to play along, beside and against the beat, the vocalist given plenty of time to finish his beer before stepping up to sing the title of the song as though he were a Kraftwerk robot. Good stuff all around, and a nice example of modern-day underground punk in the way that Flat Worms are clearly informed by all cool forms of rock music from the past four decades but borrow sparingly from anything besides Wire’s Pink Flag. Next album is coming out on Castle Face Records in October!

- keep it hvy, bb // xtra gravy // ex UBU ROI + Rose Windows

- the new musical endeavor from Gabi + Dean of Unnatural Helpers +Stickers

Friday, November 17
at LoFi Seattle
9pm // $8adv $10dos // 21+


429 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98109

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