Northwest House Music Conference July 30th - August 4th

Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 8pm

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The Northwest House Music Conference is a week long event located in the city of Portland Oregon. The conference features multiple events throughout the week that occur in clubs and venues primarily in the downtown area. In addition to multiple night time events to attend on any given night of the week, the conference will also include day time events, work shops, panels and official after hours events. The club events are all being hosted by established music labels and entities within the scene and will feature world class lineups that showcase their signed artists.

Make sure to get your tickets early. While you will be able to pay to get into individual shows at the door, we are only selling a limited number of full week bracelets that allow you access to all events/workshops/panels/etc, and the price goes up starting in May. If you want to be able to attend all the fantastic work shops and talks hosted by some of the leaders of our industry, then you will need a bracelet to do so. There will be no individual entry fee for work shops and panels.

Cost details:

$75 for a pass to all conference related events up until May 31st. Starting June 1st, cost for bracelets goes up to $100. July 1st cost goes up to $125. Purchasing bracelets at the door of any event is $150.

Individual show prices for those that don't pay for the full week will vary by event. Expect this to be $5 for shows on Tuesday - Wednesday, and $10 to $20 for shows on Friday and Saturday. Purchasing a bracelet will save you a lot of money, and remember some shows are bracelet only.

The Event:

The Northwest House Music Conference is a week long event located in the beautiful city of Portland Oregon. The conference features shows hosted by labels from around the world that showcase their domestic and international
artists. Events will occur at night in various clubs that are all within walking distance of eachother, during the day at parks and outdoor venues and late night at after hours locations. In addition to featuring performances from some of the most respected names in the industry, many of these artists will also be hosting work shops and panels on everything from music production to dancing.

The Music:
This event is about not just giving people the chance to see many of the finest artists in scene, but also about giving them the opportunity to learn more about the art of House music, and the culture surrounding it. We want to give people a chance to meet the individuals who dedicate their lives to a music scene that at is all about creating a strong community of people. House is about a music and culture that defies stereotypes and is open to anyone who just wants a place to let loose and dance. This event truly is about spreading that vibe from the underground to the masses and pushing dance music culture forward. We are coming to together to have a good time, but we will also be presenting a much needed opportunity for people to learn how this music is created, who creates it, what tools they use and what really drives them to put their lives into this music scene.

The Workshops and Panels:
Learn music production techniques from some of the best artists in the industry. See live demonstrations of hardware and how it is integrated into the production of music. Pick up some new moves with renouned dance instructors, and get a rare chance to hear their perspective on the music and the scene. Get inside info on starting your own label and successfully marketing it. Sit in on discussion panels of everyone from the producers to label reps and club owners, listen to their insight on the scene and ask questions of those most involved in keeping house music alive and well. These reprsent only a few of the many opportunities we will be presenting for people to not just have a good a time for the week, but also learn more about the music, culture and people behind the scenes.

The City:
Portland Oregon is one of the most up and coming cities in the country. With a diverse art and music scene that defies trends and strives to break new ground and a food scene that is now at the forefront of the US, Portland is a travel destination that everyone should be moving to the top of their list. For all you beer fans, the area features the largest collection of microbrewers in the country. If you prefer wine, then you can find some of the best wineries outside of Napa valley all situated conveniently close the city. In addition to our great urban music festival, Oregon offers a wide array of fantastic outdoor activities to take part in during this time of the summer. There is endless hiking to be done both outside the city as well as within it in several expansive parks. The coast is a short drive away as are the mountains, and a lake or river to swim in is never far away. The best part is that Portland is one of the most affordable cities in the country to visit and enjoy all of these attractions, so getting the full Northwest experience is well within the reach of the average pocket book.

We will be breaking these out into the individual events soon, but for now here is a master list of artists confirmed so far for the week:

Dj Dan -

Colette -

Johny Fiasco -

Hatiras -

Justin Long -

The Sound Republic - ——

Jacob London -

Pezzner -

Wally Callerio -

Rithma -

Gene Farris -

Jay Tripwire -

Luke Mckeehan -

Dj Mes -

Thomas white -

Demarkus Lewis -

Jonene -

Karl Almaria -

Dj Strobe -


Corduroy Mavericks -

Forrest Avery -

Czboogie -

Camouflage -

J Caprice -

Jeff Service -

Precious Roy -

Tim Rella -

Marc Fairield -

Samuel Lawrence -

Bobby Breezy -

Ramiro -

Deron Delgado -

Arturo Garces -

Samma Lonne -

J Lettow -

Louie Gomez -

T Mixwell -

Kunjan -

The Architects -

Seraphim -

Lloydy Lou -

Mercedes -

Mason Fisher -

Melody Fisher -

Miles Airon -

Andrew Mataus -

Dave Dluxx -

Jiggablam & Kozlow

Easy Company -

Matt E Star -

Sara Z -

Kalven Swell -

Rafa -

Dan Craig -

Shawn Kahl -

The Audioschizophrenik-

Maximus -

Mason Roberts -

MR Romo -

Centrikal -

Micah McNelly -

Pablo Alejandro -

Doc Manny -

Jason Curtis -

Michael Grimes -

Brian Camerana



+Many More to be announced!

The artists are broken up among multiple events throughout the week that are hosted by various labels and entities within the House Music scene.

The night club shows are as follows:

Monday - Preparty at Madhouse Mondays hosted by Hatiras

Tuesday - Danger Zone Kick of Party with CHFM monday crew featuring Collete

Wednesday - Grinn Trax, Juiced, HARD with Dj Mes, Demarkus Lewis, J Cap & more

Wednesday - Uniting Souls party featuring Pezzner, Ramiro & more.

Thursday - Ficus Tree & House Call Recordings with Jeff Service, Marc Fairfield, Pablo Alejandro & more

Thursday - Mimosa & Cotopaxi party featuring Rick Preston, Precious Roy, Samuel Lawrence & more

Thursday - Caboose & Northroc party featuring Jacob London, Tim Rella, Ed Nizzam, Lloydy Lou and more

Friday - Native Soul & Speak Easy MOVE party featuring Johnny Fiasco, CMavs, Bernard Jones, Atnarko, Samma Lone, Bobby Breezy, Sara Z, Beufie

Friday - Guesthouse party featuring Dj Dan, Dj Mes & more

Friday - 5mag & CHFM party featuring Czboogie, Camouflage, Seraphim & more

Friday - Serial Sickness & Dufflebag party featuring Rithma, Wally Callerio, RTHM, Thomas White, Forrest Avery & More

Saturday - Jump & Panhandle party featuring Jonene, Arturo Garces, & more

Saturday - Stompy party featuring Deron Delgado & more

Saturday - Nordic Trax party featuring Jay Tripwire, Luke McKeehan, Johny Fiasco & more

Saturday - Giai Tribe Reunion 18+ all night event


The day time events are as follows:

Tuesday - Park party hosted by Mena & friends

Wednesday - FOLDING SPACE & Nude Photo Music NWHMC label rep/artist meet and greet event w free food!

Thursday - Beatrox hosted event.

Thursday - Panhandle & Lingo recordings hosted event overlooking first Thursday artwalk of Portland.

Friday - Native Soul Lounge & Serial Sickness hosted Pool party

Friday - Farris Wheel hosted event featuring Gene Farris & more!

Saturday - Spatula City & Flapjack hosted Pool Party featuring Sound Republic and more!

Saturday - Stompy hosted event

Sunday - Brunchlox, SPORK, Cut Club hosted park party featuring BBQ with Karl Almaria, T Mixwell, Cut Club & more!


The after hours shows are as follows:

Thursday - Wiggles & friends hosted event

Friday - After Dark & Fire/Analog hosted event featuring Justin Long & more

Saturday - All Ours hosted event featuring HAWT artist and more!

In addition to shows with lineups featuring these artists, we will also be offering the following workshops during the week:

- Production workshop with Pezzner
- Logic production and arrangement with Jay Tripwire
- Mixing and production with Johny Fiasco
- Native Instruments w/ Dj Strobe of Red Bull Music Academy
- Hardware with Thomas White
- Ableton production with Real Time Hand Motion
- Visual workshop with Funktion
- Starting and marketing a label with Corduroy Mavericks and Czboogie of 5mag
- House Dance workshops with Jardy Santiago
- House Dance workshop with Donna DonnaMation Oefinger
-More to be announced!

Panels that will be featured so far as follows:
- Label owner panel
- Producer Panel
- Club owner panel

In addition to fantastic the music events, seminars, and workshops, we will also showcase artists that provide visual stimulation.
Expect to see the following:
- Live painters
- Custom mapped visual installations
- Dance performances
- Art installations

Events are planned to run all week long from Tuesday July 30th to Sunday August 4th. It won't just be the weekend that features some of the best acts and events that are being planned, so we encourage people to make plans to come spend the whole week with us.

Yes, this is a house music focused conference, but we are also offering a great experience for all fans of EDM and music festivals in general.

Portland is very affordable to visit and features beautiful outdoor activities and attractions, fantastic indie music events and night life, and one of the best foodie scenes in the country!

Web site coming soon:

Expect to see printed promo hitting the street around the country next month starting with WMC and SXSW!

Hotel and Airline discounts are availble for those attending conference:
Alaska Airlines 5% discount Continental US only Book travel between 7/27 – 8/7 Discount Code: ECMU477

American Airlines 5% discount Book travel between 7/27 – 8/7 Book through: (only valid on AA/AE flights, not partner airlines) Discount Code: 8473DK

Hotel Fifty:

Jupiter Hotel:

The Benson Hotel: Call The Benson reservations department at 503-295-4120/Toll Free at 1-888-523-6766 or email Request the Northwest House Music Conference group rate when making your reservation to receive the special group rates.

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