2020 Winter{fest} Games

Sun, Jan 19, 2020 from 12pm - 2pm

This event has passed.

Put together your team of 4, get the best time completing 6 family-fun events, and you’ll walk away with incredible prizes!

1.    Polar Pong
See how quickly your team of 4 can shoot your “snowballs” in to six 5-gallon buckets.  Once you make a bucket, it is removed, until all buckets have been hit.

2.  Snow Globe Trot
All 4 teammates enter the giant rat wheel.  Together, you will trot your way to the finish line.  Be careful not to tip over!

3.  Beanie Bowl
Each teammate dons a beanie fitted with a pantyhose with a tennis ball at the end.  Using only your head, each teammate must swing the tennis ball-filled pantyhose and knock over 12 water bottles.

4.  Sack Dash
A true relay – teammate #1 hops down and back in their sack.  Teammate #2 takes off after the high five and does the same. Etc.

5. Snowball Snuggle
With such a cute name… you and your teammates will pass the “snowball” using only your neck.

6.    Penguin Shuffle
The final event!  All four teammates will step on to a set of ski’s and hold on to their rope handles.  Together, you will “ski” to the finish line and clock your final time to complete all six events.

Historic Downtown Chelan

216 E. Woodin Avenue
Chelan, WA 98816

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