The Stranger Presents Silent Reading Party

Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 6pm

This event has passed.

The monthly Silent Reading Party is so popular in Seattle that every seat is taken and there’s a line out the door before the party even starts. It has been replicated in cities around the world, but we did it first, and we do it best. Now you can attend The Stranger’s Silent Reading Party from anywhere in the world. We'll be hosting a silent reading party every Wednesday! So make yourself a snack, pour yourself a drink, and read whatever you feel like reading silently, to yourself, as our resident musician Paul Moore plays exquisitely soft piano music for you and everyone else in the party—everything from Erik Satie to Radiohead to Duke Ellington. A perfect way to make a solo night at home feel a little less lonely, it’s also great for couples or families who want an excuse to turn off the TV and get some reading done.  Ticket purchasers will get an email the day of the party with login information. 


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