Max Presents Mean Needles

Tue, Aug 18, 2020 from 6pm - 8pm (Pacific)

  • 18+
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For most, needles are intrinsically scary. This is a deep, intense sort of play, easily tapping into visions of blood and pain and fear.

Much of Max’s experience with piercing is about mitigating that fear - making this experience more accessible, more enjoyable, less off-putting.

It’s important to help interested-but-scared kinksters find the joy in needle scenes - many wind up loving the immediacy of the endorphin response and the intimacy of the connection.

But what if we want the fear? The pain? The blood? What if we want to be overwhelmed, or to overwhelm our partners?

This class is about feeding our sadists and our masochists. It’s about using needles to achieve maximum impact.

* Workshop format

This class focuses on specific techniques for maximizing the physical and psychological impact of your needle scenes.

We’ll examine negotiation and aftercare as they relate to these scenes, and the specific tools and equipment required. Consent is always key, and extra meanness requires more deliberate and scrupulous consent. 

We’ll discuss endorphins, pain, pleasure, and all the sensations that are part of play piercing.  We’ll talk about using needles to enforce authority, and to create headspace. And we’ll cover incorporating needle play into your scenes, especially for bondage and ritual.

Our coverage of basic technique, standard equipment, and universal precautions for bloodborne pathogens will be brief - the focus of this workshop is describing and demonstrating the specific techniques being discussed.

It's an online class, so there won't be any hands-on practice. There will be lots of demos, and a handout to facilitate your learning and your ability to practice after the workshop. 

As always, the emphasis is on learning and having fun. 

* Who should attend?

Since there’s no hands-on piercing in this workshop, there are no prerequisites for attendance. Everyone is welcome. 

You should have some basic play-piercing skills before you use these techniques. Max’s “Straight To The Point” class and private coaching are great ways to learn the basics. Other resources will be provided in the handout.

This workshop assumes no previous BDSM experience and is appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for both tops and bottoms.

* Cancellation / refund policy

If you cancel your registration up to 2 hours before the event you will receive a full refund.

If we cancel the event you will receive a 100% refund, to include ticketing fees.

* About Max

Max has been active in Seattle's kink community since 1992 and has been teaching bondage, BDSM, and polyamory workshops since 1999.

While he is proficient with a wide range of BDSM skills, Max especially enjoys the intimacy of rope bondage and the intensity of the singletail. Max projects a gentle, dominant energy, and all of his relationships - and most of his scenes - include a substantial D/S component.

Max's love of teaching shines through his workshops, and his love for people informs his personal encounters.