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Town Music 2020/21 Season

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Town Music 2020/21

This season, Town Music will explore how digital spaces can enhance our experience of art, rather than simply remind us of what we are missing. We’ll be experimenting with formats and envision this season as a time to find new strength; a time to reconnect with priorities and possibilities; and a time to consider what artistic curiosity can and should be in this moment of uncertainty and long overdue upheaval. Come along on this journey of discovery as we provide up-close access to the process of creation.

Ticket Information

Town Music events this season will be presented via livestream on our digital stage. Access instructions for each event will be provided within a week of each event date.

Marquee Event Schedule

More information and exact event schedule will be posted soon!

Joshua Roman Residency “Feature Release” #1 (October)

Joshua Roman Residency “Feature Release” #2 (November)

yMusic Event (Spring 2021)

Spektral Quartet Event (Spring 2021)

Subscriptions Levels:

Backstage Pass Subscription

  • Admission (1 screen) to all 4 marquee Town Music events
  • Early access to content released as part of Joshua Roman’s Residency “Fermata”
  • A poster signed by Joshua Roman

Inner Circle Subscription

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Invitation to an exclusive Joshua Roman happy hour
  • Access to post-event discussions with Joshua, guest musicians, and collaborators
  • Recognition as a Town Music supporter

Visit for more information about the 2020/21 season. For questions or support email

Town Hall Digital Stage


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