Creative Decisionmaking in Small Distilleries

Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 7pm

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Distilleries are a tapestry of many things:  equipment, materials, products, processes, a business, and people.  Small distilleries are growing and constantly evolving, and unlike larger distilleries, are making decisions about what to do with each single cask of whiskey.  What is it expressing?  When will be it done maturing?  What will it be used for?  How could it be transformed?

Please join us for an in-depth discussion with Jason Parker from Copperworks Distillery as he discusses the decisions made by small distilleries about casks, whiskeys, and the evolution of product lines.  This interactive talk will be about whiskey, distillation, and the business of distilling, and give you insight into the mind of the distiller / business owner.

Of course we'll have some Copperworks American Single Malt whiskeys to taste:

    Release 031: 5-malt and Full Pint recipes (currently available)

    Release 032: Single-cask, cask-strength 5-malt recipe (sold out)

    Release 033: Sherry Cask (currently available)

    Release 034: Washington Peated Malt (available Dec. 10)

    Release First Cut 2021: 5.5-year-old single cask, cask strength (available Jan. 14)

Your ticket includes participating in the Zoom meeting on Dec. 3rd plus a 0.5-oz sample of each whiskey, to be picked up at The Barrel Thief anytime the week before the event.

It's always a privilege for Jason to share his thoughts and experience with us, and we hope you can join us.

The Barrel Thief

3417 Evanston Ave. N #102
Seattle, WA 98103

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