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Saturday, October 30, refer to ticket for entry time

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Museum of Museums (MoM) is a contemporary art center in Seattle, Wa

Housed in a renovated mid-century medical building, MoM hosts two formal exhibition spaces, three additional on-site museums, rotating installations, murals and sculpture, a theater, weekly art classes, pop-ups, and conceptual gift shop. Nearly every inch of the property is art-activated. Give us a visit!

Please select the ticket with your prefered entry time. Kids under 10 years get in free.

  • Time slots are valid for entry up to 30 minutes after scheduled time. If you miss your time you may have to wait until the next available time slot.
  • Arrive at the main entrance at 900 Boylston ave to check in.

On view:

In Crystallized Time

In Crystallized Time is a group exhibition curated by Anthony White, that puts the history of painting through a filter that assesses the contrast of speed and the internet through the historical practice of painting. In Crystallized Time is a simulation of lo-fi and hi-fi graphics, twisted landscapes and figures birthed within a world made up of 0’s and 1’s. These processes are derivative of a simulation which is the vehicle that guides this digital language and visual representation of a system/screen. This show is a conversation about time, and a response to what is unfolding, while analyzing structures of contemporary nostalgia that seem to predict the future.

OCTOBER 8TH 2021 -


The Word of The Future

The Word of the Future is a playful examination of simulation and belief. Artists Fennell and Donovan present technology as a concept we collectively worship, represented in the guise of superstition and religion.

The third floor of the Museums of Museums (MoM) will be transformed into a church where visitors bear witness to the manifestation of an AI entity, which evolves continually from conception to blockchain eternity. Even before a visitor crosses the threshold, the Order of Higher Consciousness will begin tailoring their personal experience. The exhibition will feature wonders of technology and beauty, wavering between the hopeful to dystopian in interactive shrines, artifacts, and guided rituals. Come into the fold to see how fear and faith in technology will save us!

Jacob Peter Fennell is a new media artist and software developer who makes interactive installations using video, sound, custom software, computer vision, custom electronics, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Fennell developed a high-performance spherical video player for iOS, which was bundled into an app for one of the first creative uses of spherical video and developed GPU based spherical video stitchers under Panda Parallax. He led the development and continues to maintain My Bionic Brain, software for rehabilitating traumatic brain injury survivors. Fennell holds an MFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Reilly Donovan is a new media artist working with emerging technologies to create interactive installations, virtual reality artworks, augmented reality exhibits, mixed reality experiences, and machine learning experiments. Donovan’s work explores how computer simulations, machine learning, and interactive environments challenge the boundaries of our senses. His art examines how machines are molding our future, changing our culture, and confronting our framework for reality. 

OCTOBER 8TH 2021 -

Museum of Museums

900 Boylston Ave
Seattle, WA 98104