Max Presents Giving and Receiving Service

Tue, Mar 15, 2022 from 6pm - 8pm (Pacific)

  • 18+
This event has passed.

Many kinksters love the idea of service, but struggle to make it work. That's not surprising - giving and accepting service requires a different toolset than sensation-based S/M or power-based D/S.

Service can be deep, quiet and profound - or it can be challenging for both the top and the bottom.

This workshop will help tops receive service gracefully and will help bottoms who wish to offer service.

* Workshop structure

Max will present several models for service and service relationships, and will provide specific techniques you can use to define and nurture your own service dynamic.

As with all of Max's workshops, a handout will be provided to facilitate your learning and retention.

This is part of Max's D/S series, offered on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Upcoming classes in the series include:

  • 04/19/22  Constructing Successful D/S Scenes: Using What You Have to Get What You Want
  • 05/17/22  D/S Training: How to Train and Be Trained

* Who should attend?

If you're just starting to explore D/S or Service - with or without a partner - this class will help you find and develop resonant practices. No prior knowledge is assumed for this class - it's perfectly appropriate for beginners.

If you've already spent time doing D/S it's a great way to reexamine and enhance your skills and intentions.

This workshop is appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for both tops and bottoms.

* Afterwards

Attendees will receive a handout full of technique and resources. Subsequent classes in the series will address complementary D/S skills.

Max also offers private coaching. These sessions are completely customized to meet your needs and desires. Contact Max to discuss these offerings.

* Cancellation / refund policy

If you cancel your registration up to 2 days before the event you will receive a full refund.

* About Max

Max has been active in Seattle's kink community since 1992 and has been teaching bondage, BDSM, and polyamory workshops since 1999.

While he is proficient with a wide range of BDSM skills, Max especially enjoys the intimacy of rope bondage and the intensity of the singletail. Max projects a gentle, dominant energy, and all of his relationships - and most of his scenes - include a substantial D/S component.

Max's love of teaching shines through his workshops, and his love for people informs his personal encounters.


Seattle, WA