Tiki Trailer Bash 2022

Fri, Jun 3 at 5pm

This event has passed.

We're back! 

Please join us for the 7th  Annual Tiki Trailer Bash at the Sou'wester resort located on Washington's beautiful SW coast, June 3rd-5th, 2022.  We will feature DJ Vodka Twist on Friday and Saturday night, with Seattle's reigning kings and queens of pop Music- LUSHY, playing from 9pm-midnight on Saturday night. Aside from the great music you will be able to peruse the grounds and view (and rent!) its 20+ amazing vintage trailers, cabins or camp spots. 

Last year was a low-key (and rainy!), so let's hope for nicer weather this year.  To book your trailer, visit https://www.souwesterlodge.com/ and use the code TIKI2022.  If you'd rather, you may call them at 360-642-2542 or email Souwesterfrontdesk@gmail.com.  Please do not cancel at the last minute.  This leaves both the Sou'wester and your hardworking party staff in a real bind.  The Sou'wester Resort operates on a very thin margin and we need to fill the entire resort for them, to ensure their continued success. 

Tickets for Tiki Trailer Bash are $25 and will go up to $30 on May 20th and $35 on May 25th.  This covers facility rental, live music & DJ's, bar snax, party favors and our never-ending tiki ohana love fest at the Sou'wester. 

We will be having a safer, saner and somewhat DIY event this year, limited only by our energy and imagination. We plan on being nimble to adjust to a loosening of restrictions but also bearing in mind that things can change in the weeks preceeding the event. 

Friday night is our roving cocktail party.  These can be IN the trailers, or these cocktail tastings may be outside near the campfires, as the Sou'wester has added a FIRE RING to many of the trailers.  We will send a list of times and locations (so please give your cell number so we can text you the schedule) where located and it will be up to you if you decide to host an event at your space or attend an indoor trailer/cabin cocktail soirée.  DJ Vodka Twist will be roaming the resort with his mini-sound system on Friday night. 

The good news;  We WILL have access to the lodge this year!

The bad news;  We will NOT have access to the Pavillion for our potluck.  The potluck will have to be in the grassy area outside the trailers.  If we can get all hands on deck, we can carry some of the picnic tables to the center and erect some pop-up cabana's and have a nice dinner, even if it's rainy.  If you can, please plan on helping set up for the potluck by moving some tables together and erecting some cabana's.  Anytime is ok to do this but let's plan by @5pm on Saturday to set up tables.  We are getting a reduced rate at the Resort by setting up and cleaning up afterwards.  (Thank you in advance for your help!)

We are going to plan on using the outdoor stage at some point to have a Hootenanny so bring your instruments! 

You can spend Saturday at the beach, visiting the Farmers Market or antique shopping.  Saturday starting at 6pm, we will plan on gathering and dining in an area to be determined for our POTLUCK (weather & governors orders). If you have a pop-up cabana, please bring it to offer cover from the elements.  

Saturday night, DJ Vodka Twist will again roam the grounds and play DJ after our dinner potluck and then start the party in the Lodge.  At 9pm,  Lushy will be playing a few lounge sets.  

Sunday morning, we are offering a coffee station, location TBA, 9am-11am. 

*Kid friendly! This is camping, after all. Kids 18 & under attending with a paid adult do not require an event ticket, and can participate in daytime activities.  Friday Night Trailer Campfire-Hopping/cocktail tasting and Saturday Night Lushy party is aimed towards adults, it's at your discretion if your kids are enjoying the festivities. Some parents "take turns" for the parties, and there are old-fashioned TV's with VCR's to borrow if your kids are old enough to stay in your trailer/cabin/RV alone. We have talked about having a young adult watch the kids, but haven't figured that out yet.  Contact us to brainstorm some ideas!

To BOOK a camping spot. RV/Trailer space, cabin, room or suite you MUST book with the resort.  Visit the website and enter the code: "TIKI2022".  If you can't find the room or trailer you want, you can call the venue directly at (360) 642-2542. We've reserved the whole resort- you need to book online or call to verify you are with our group. To view the amazing spaces and book your room, please visit http://www.souwesterlodge.com/ and use the code TIKI2022.  They will ask for your credit card to book the room and there is a minimum two-night stay (Friday & Saturday night).  If you'd like to come a day early or stay over on Sunday and are having trouble booking online, give them a call directly to book. Many folks find it much more relaxing to come on Thursday night and make a true vacation out of this. 

Important: The Sou'wester is hanging on and we need to support them as much as we can.  Yes, it's expensive to stay there but it's so magical, we know you'll agree it's a special place.  If you need to cancel, please do so NOW so we can rebook the trailer or cabin for our event as we have made a committment to them to fill the resort with our people.  If we cannot do that it causes a hardship.

The beloved Sou’wester is a hodgepodge of private cabins, vintage travel trailers, suites and campsites. They are located minutes from the surf and a mere 3 hours south from Seattle, in historic Seaview on the Long Beach Peninsula. Peruse local products at their Honor System Store and The ‘Thrifty’ trailer. . Indulge in their Sauna & Spa (if open by then!)... Some activities are subject to availability and changing governmental restrictions, but it looks like things are opening up.)

Stay tuned for more info soon-"Like" the TIKI TRAILER BASH page on Facebook. Friday and Saturday nights are rustic trailer and camping site "cocktail parties".  Bring a pitcher or two of your favorite libation to share and your own cup, glass or tiki mug. Most trailers have small kitchens, as do all of the cabins. Please try to bring your own kitchen stuff if you plan on taking them out of the trailers or cabins. The Sou'wester Lodge doesn't like it when you take those items out of the trailers because sometimes they go missing and then they have to replace them, so please bring what you need to the event.  For those of you who haven't been, there's a small supermarket in town that has lots of things and on Saturday, there's a Farmers Market in nearby Ilwaco. 

If you don't cook, some folks make pitchers of unusual cocktails to share.  If we all use our own Tiki Mugs or cups, this should be safe for all.  Alcohol is a disinfecting agent, after all. 

When buying tickets, please enter all names of your party and email addresses and TELEPHONE NUMBERS for important messages!

Questions?  Email tikitrailerbash@gmail.com


Sou'wester Resort

3728 J Pl
Seaview, WA 98644

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