A New Dark Werewolf Comedy

October 14-15 at 7:30 PM

  • 18+

Misanthropy, a new play by Hannah Nielsen, is a timely dark comedy about navigating self-transformation - told in the style of campy werewolf horror. 

Run Time

The show runs approximtely 110 minutes, just shy of two hours, including a 10 minute intermission. 


Lyla is finally starting to get her life together. But her friends start to worry when her good mood depends on fresh meat... Misantropy is a story of self-transformation, family and frienship told with quick humor and blood. The show performs in in 90 minutes, plus intermission. 

Misanthropy is produced by Wayward Works, a new production company focused on championing new work and new artists in the Pacific Northwest. We are a team of experienced Seattle artists and hope to bolster the return of Seattle theatre post-COVID with more independent productions. 

The Cast

  • Lyla: Mimi Santos

  • Camille: Nicole Merat

  • Karl: Todd Hull

  • Gunther/Dr.Phelps: William Zimmerman

  • JJ: Misty Doty

  • Understudies: Aimee Filippi, Jeff Maxwell

The Production Team

  • Playwright: Hannah A. Nielsen

  • Director/Producer: Kayla Walker

  • Costume Design: Fiona Clark

  • Set/Props Design: Rhys Strohmayer

  • Sound Design + Props Associate: Castor Rosencrantz Kent

  • Stage Managers: Aimee Filippi + Jeff Maxwell

  • Intimacy + Movement Choreography: Sophia Franzella

Content Warning

While the venue is open to all ages, the script features adult content, language, and situations, and may be unsuitable for children under 18. This play contains the use of fake blood and moments of violence are implied though not shown on-stage. 

COVID Safety Information

Theatre Puget Sound, Theatre 4 has an HVAC system installed in the space to maintain air quality. Audience members are requested to be masked when not actively eating or drinking. 

Theatre Puget Sound

305 Harrison St
Theatre 4, 4th Floor

Seattle, WA 98109

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