Max Presents Once Upon A Time - Hypnotic Storytelling

Tue, Oct 11, 2022 from 6pm - 8pm (Pacific)

  • 18+
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We all grow up with stories. They're used to entertain, to set tone, to build shared culture, and to shape behavior.

Stories are an easy way to do hypnosis. We can use a story to do an induction, to implant a suggestion, to create an emotional state, or to effect long-term change.

When we hear a story we are swept away by imagination, lighting up the same parts of the brain that are responsible for the activities described in the story. This allows the storyteller to impact the listener's cognitive and emotional state.

Learning hypnosis can seem daunting, but we all tell stories. Come learn how to use this basic skill to produce hypnotic trance and to effect powerful effects.

* Workshop structure

This workshop will include lecture, demos, and some easy exercises for you to do after class. There will be plenty of time for Q&A as well.

As always with Max’s classes, there’ll be a handout to facilitate your learning and your ability to practice after the workshop.

This is part of Max's monthly Intimate Hypnosis series, offered on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

* Who should attend?

There are no prerequisites for attendance. Everyone is welcome.

The content is appropriate for both hypnotists and subjects. Max believes that well-educated subjects are the best subjects.

This workshop assumes no previous BDSM or hypnosis experience and is appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for both tops and bottoms.

You may attend alone or with a partner. Please buy a ticket for each attendee.

* Afterwards

Attendees will receive a handout full of principles, technique, and resources.

Max also offers private hypnosis sessions and private coaching as you build your skill as a hypnotist or subject. These sessions are completely customized to meet your needs and desires. Contact Max to discuss these offerings.

* Cancellation / refund policy

If you cancel your registration up to 2 days before the event you will receive a full refund.

* About Max

Max has been active in Seattle's kink community since 1992 and has taught workshops and offered private coaching since 1999. He is nourished and guided by his strong roots in the kink, queer, leather and poly communities.

Max weaves his BDSM practice into his life because it's an especially effective way to build intimacy. The level of trust, communication, and active consent required for this practice creates beautiful, powerful experiences, and deep relationships.

Max has spent a lifetime building a range of skills, to include the intimacy of rope bondage, the intensity of the singletail, the connection of erotic hypnosis, and the power of authority-transfer (D/S) relationships.

Max is always the consummate professional - competent, attentive, passionate, respectful, and empathetic. He loves what he does and is grateful for opportunities to help others explore kink and find deeper connection.


Seattle, WA