SHe Said by Jen Ayers

Thursday October 6th through Sunday October 9th

SHe Said is a A 21st century love story that explores the impact of gender identity on a family and couple who transition together. This 90-minute musical story written and performed by Jen Ayers, features a grand piano, boylesque dance sensation Marc Kenison (aka Waxie Moon) a live, all-star band (Kathy Moore, Rebecca Young, Melissa Montalto, Geoff Reading, RL Heyer) and a multi-media mash-up of 70s animation, 70s soul pop, glam rock and The Moth, all rolled into one. Directed by Daryle Conners. 

The SHe Said double album includes music from the show plus bonus tracks and releases September 9, 2022 on vinyl, CD, and digital platforms.

Broadway Performance Hall

1625 Broadway Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122