**SOLD OUT** Public Winter Exhibitions Opening Party at MoM!

Friday, Feb 3, Check ticket for party time slot

This event has passed.

Museum of Museums re-opens for an exclusive sneak peek on Friday, Feburary 3 with new exhibits, installations, and surprises around every corner. Our opening exhibition party will feature live music, DJs, and a full bar by The Hideout. With capacity in mind, we ask for you to choose between an early or late party slot, either from 6:00pm - 9:00pm or 9:00pm - midnight. 

Soft Touch is an immersive, tactile survey of soft sculpture and textile art featuring over 40 artists from the Pacific Northwest and far beyond. Audiences are invited to sit, stand, or recline in a gallery cushioned by a patchwork of futon mattresses, shag carpets, and curtaining as they explore work that interweaves themes of identity, humanity, and natural ecosystems.

Featured Artists:

Janelle Abbott, Andrea Alonge, Lou Barcott, Marin Burnett, Colleen Louise Barry, Colby Bishop, Debi Boyette, Colleen RJC Bratton, Stella Bronson, Shiloh Davies, Sam Dienst, Anna Dong, Esra Ebru, Beth Frey, Lydia Gerard, Jo Hamilton, Ant Hamlyn, Jeffrey Heiman, Saina Heshmati, Jaymes Junio, Melissa Kagerer, Yewon Kwon, Michael McKinney, Jennifer McNeely, Mila Textiles, Mark Mitchell, Olivia Montoya, Izzy Nestegard, Leah Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Amanda James Parker, Megan Prince, Psych-Pop, Britt Rodriguez, Vincent Schwenk, Stay Tuft, Dain Susman, Frankie Toan, Nina Vichayapai, and Waxy Fruits.

Highlights Include:

  • An interactive diorama, #Tigerselfies for @Rousseau, by Portland-based artist Nina Vichayapai which invites viewers to pose and take photos with the setting while offering a critique on how the West historically and presently superficially engages with tropical places, people, and wildlife.

  • Shiloh Davies’ (Sugar Darling) maximalist vestibule, “Breakfast Nook,” which encourages the viewer to engage their inner child and recapture playfulness and imagination.

  • A cushioned meditation room with captivating work from Collen RJC Bratton, Leah Nguyen, Andrea Alonge, Jennifer McNeely, and Sania Heshmati that beg the viewer for a longer look.

  • The latest iteration of Denver-based artist Frankie Toan’s ongoing soft sculpture installation series Queer Gardens,” which serves as a fantasy landscape where radical notions of queerness can merge with the ecosystem, challenging notions of ‘family’ or even ‘self’.

  • An immersive installation by Debi Boyette titled “Clouded Thoughts,” which invites audiences to recline under a ceiling of clouds that delve into themes of memory and the aging mind; drawing inspiration from her experience aiding her disabled father as a small child.

  • An inviting nest of velvet hands by Michael McKinney that beg to be touched and offer permission to do just that.

  • “World's Smallest Bouncy Castle (Record Pending...)” by London-based artist Ant Hamyln which examines our relationship and fluctuating enthusiasm towards contemporary life and is exactly what you’d hope it would be.

  • A 24 foot tufted snake, titled "Mutual Benefit, Total Salvation, Pure Bliss!" Philadelphia-based fiber artist Britt Rodriguez (Gaudmother) offers one piece of advice to anyone listening: “if you have a good idea, you should try it with whatever you have, as soon as possible! Thank your hands and move on.” 

  • 10 blankets, designed by 10 local 2D artists including Psych-Pop, Jeffrey Heiman, Marin Burnett, Dain Susman, and more that allow guests the opportunity to literally envelop themselves in art as they explore the museum.

GUM BABY by Tariqa Waters

In the True Space, Tariqa Waters tells a story of the sticky contradictions and dualities inherent to vices rooted in Americana-distorted memories and tall tales in her immersive installation, GUM BABY. A subversive wonderland of glass sculptures, lighting and imagery, GUM BABY is a temporary memorial to the assured. An anachronism cleverly placed which upends the notion of self-control and agency.

We hope you can join us and help us celebrate this new season of art. 

Museum of Museums

900 Boylston Ave
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