Careful: 30th Anniversary Screening + Imagination Award - Guy Maddin

This event has passed.

Filmmaker Guy Maddin has been pushing boundaries for decades with his unique blend of genres and forms, creating works that are equal parts fiction and non, creating worlds that defy the imagination yet seem all too human. Guy joins us to receive the inaugural Make Believe Imagination Award, and to discuss his work and career before an archival 30th anniversary screening of one of his most singular visions, the 1992 film “Careful”. Additionally, Guy has helped us program a shorts block featuring some of his most acclaimed projects.

Turning 30 is none other than Guy Maddin’s 1992 classic, “Careful”, which remains the perfect showcase for his blend of realism and fantasy. The wary residents of a 19th century mountain village must tread carefully and speak softly lest they cause an avalanche. Sexual frenzies teem in this world of repression, setting off incestuous love triangles with deadly consequences. Guy joins us beforehand to accept our inaugural Imagination Award, and to discuss his decades-long career in a business that doesn’t always reward the weird, wild, and wonderful.

Northwest Film Forum - Theatre 1

1515 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122