Valentine Crush + Baby Fever

3/26 at 2:15pm

This event has passed.




Narrative; 2022; USA; 64-minutes; Jamie Wede

With shades of both “Fatal Attraction” and “Whip It”, this kitschy blood-soaked gem has been enjoying quite the run on the festival circuit. Filmmaker Jamie Wede has taken his love of horror, roller derby, and bad ass women, and turned it into one of the most enjoyable mid-lengths we’ve seen in some time. Here is the plot, if you even need it now: A roller derby woman gets in a little over her head when she meets her number one fan.



Short; 2022; USA; 26-minutes; Hannah May Cumming

A popular teen's dream to be crowned Prom Queen is threatened when she discovers she is pregnant with something even worse than her dumb jock boyfriend’s offspring.


1518 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122