Good For Her Age

December 15th, 16th, and 17th at 7:30pm

GOOD FOR HER AGE is a multi-disciplinary piece performed by the Seattle-based dance collective, Four on the Floor. The work utilizes dance, live music, and video to explore the challenges, grief, and triumphs of four aging dancers as they transition into the realm of middle age.   

GOOD FOR HER AGE will examine what happens when the body, the instrument of a dancer, can no longer perform as it once did. It will also investigate sexuality, invisibility, and the quest for creative and societal relevance in a youth-focused culture. Although the subject matter embraces darker notions, it also employs humor and absurdity to draw the audience in and ask them to reflect on their own beliefs about "women of a certain age.”   

The piece is comprised of four dancers, Diana Cardiff, Karen Garrett de Luna, Sara Jinks, and Sarah Paul Ocampo.

NOD Theater at eXit SPACE

1621 12th ave
Seattle, WA 98122