Aaron Jonah Lewis and Cami Flage

Fri, Jul 7 at 7pm

This event has passed.

Doors: 6pm

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AARON JONAH LEWIS:  Virtuoso banjo player and fiddler Aaron Jonah Lewis has been elbow-deep in traditional American music since their first lessons at the age of five with Kentucky native Robert Oppelt. Their concerts take audiences on a journey through the back roads of American old time and folk music, with detours through ragtime and early jazz.   Aaron is passionate about sharing early fingerstyle banjo music. They bring light to the fact that classic banjo was the most popular form of music a hundred years ago, though today it's almost entirely forgotten. They are "trying to keep (classic banjo) alive and spread it around, as it's a delightful style that brings joy and connects us to the depth of our shared American history."


CAMI FLAGE: Cami Flage is a versatile Seattle-based artist expertly weaving together her skills in music, creative coding, and visual arts. As an improvising keyboardist with classical technique and perfect pitch, Cami is a sought-after talent in live and studio settings spanning genres such as folk, funk, jazz, country, and pop. Cami has a BFA and an MA in music and technology from the University of Michigan, where she began developing new digital musical instruments and softwares that enable her innovative live techno performances. As a visual artist, Cami creates mesmerizing interactive video collages inspired by her mother's kaleidoscopic quilting practice, and also creates handmade linocut prints based on her experiments in generative animation. You can follow Cami Flage, support her work, and learn more by visiting her website at www.camiflage.com

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