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Saturday, July 1, Check ticket for entry time

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Museum of Museums (MoM) is a contemporary art center in Seattle, WA. Housed in a renovated mid-century medical building, MoM hosts two formal exhibition spaces, three additional on-site museums, rotating installations, murals and sculpture, a theater, weekly art classes, pop-ups, and conceptual gift shop. Nearly every inch of the property is art-activated. Give us a visit!

About tickets:

  • Please select the ticket with your preferred entry time.
  • Timed tickets allow us to prepare for your arrival! However, we know schedules change and tickets will be honored same day for any time slot before final entry at 9:15.
  • Kids under 10 years old are free and do not require a ticket.
  • Please arrive at the main entrance at 900 Boylston Ave to check in.

Questions? Contact us at:

On view in The True Space:


Seattle based ceramicist Emily Counts creates multi-disciplinary sculptures that engage traditional craft techniques to explore identity, memory, mortality, and our relationship to nature. In this immersive installation, Sea of Vapors, Counts has masterfully staged a collective of female figures who are traveling by boat through a dream space to meet their venerated Queen.

On view in The Malone Gallery:


Soft Touch is an immersive, tactile survey of soft sculpture and textile art featuring over 40 artists from the Pacific Northwest and far beyond. Audiences are invited to sit, stand, or recline in a gallery cushioned by a patchwork of futon mattresses, shag carpets, and curtaining as they explore work that interweaves themes of identity, humanity, and natural ecosystems.

Featured Artists:

Janelle Abbott, Andrea Alonge, Lou Barcott, Marin Burnett, Colleen Louise Barry, Colby Bishop, Debi Boyette, Colleen RJC Bratton, Stella Bronson, Shiloh Davies, Sam Dienst, Anna Dong, Esra Ebru, Beth Frey, Lydia Gerard, Jo Hamilton, Ant Hamlyn, Jeffrey Heiman, Saina Heshmati, Jaymes Junio, Melissa Kagerer, Yewon Kwon, Michael McKinney, Jennifer McNeely, Mila Textiles, Mark Mitchell, Olivia Montoya, Izzy Nestegard, Leah Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Amanda James Parker, Megan Prince, Psych-Pop, Britt Rodriguez, Vincent Schwenk, Stay Tuft, Dain Susman, Frankie Toan, Nina Vichayapai, and Waxy Fruits.

Additional Exhibits: 

  • Lilia Deering invites you to climb inside the depths of a slime monster in her mixed media installation, Enslimed in Toilet #3 
  • Mariana Guthiem explores the impact of technology on architecture and creative processes through an immersive installation in Toilet #2 that uses live tracing in AutoCAD to navigate the space between virtuality and reality
  • Fondly Yours, a collection valedictions; a handful of balloon ribbons; eight short films about love and loneliness: soft joys and snack-sized heartbreak opens in The Mudede Theater.
  • The Video Stairwell gets a refresh with an interactive algorithmic botany exhibit by Sabin Timalsena that allows the viewer to create infinite variations of trees in real-time and destroy them at will.
  • Middle school students from Westside School debut new work in The Emergence Room, curated by Colleen Louise Barry
  • The Supperfield Museum of Contemporary Art returns with an all new exhibition of miniature art
  • Ummagumma, MoM's Broadway-facing sound installation, projects the sounds of BANGER, a selection of poetry curated by Richard Chiem featuring work by Quenton Baker, Kamari Bright, EJ Koh, and Rae Armantrout
  • Locker #141 showcases the work of the museum's insect residents in "The Crawler's Museum," by Catherine Croft

Museum of Museums

900 Boylston Ave
Seattle, WA 98104