Climate Science on Tap: Alternative Proteins

Wed, Sep 13, 2023 at 7pm

  • All ages
  • Outdoor Beer Garden
  • Food to Order
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Food Systems, Climate, and the Science of the Dinner Plate

Our food systems have an outsized influence on global climate: worldwide, they account for over a quarter of current greenhouse gas emissions — with animal agriculture alone responsible for 15% of global emissions, roughly equivalent to the emissions from the entire transportation sector (according to a 2022 report by BCG). The alternative protein sector, comprised primarily of companies producing plant-based meat substitutes and companies developing cell-based/cultivated meat products, seeks to offer substitutes for meat and dairy that consumers find delicious and satisfying, but that also have a vastly smaller carbon footprint.

Join our panel at this Climate Science on Tap as we discuss climate change and alternative proteins. Meet the experts, listen to riveting presentations, and engage in a Q & A session!

Moderator: Doug Wallack, Cascadia Climate Action volunteer

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Tasty vegan food available for order from Cycle Dogs formerly a food truck, now a friendly neighborhood diner, will be delivered to your table in Bickerson's beer garden.  

Bickersons Brewhouse in Ballard

1514 NW Leary Way
Seattle, WA 98107