The Elnah Jordan Experience

Tue, Mar 19 at 7:30pm

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Doors: 6:30pm

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Join us for a very special night with the Elnah Jordan Experience on the occasion of Elnah's birthday, featuring an all new production using her voice for good.

Mission Statement from Elnah: 

My purpose for doing this production, is to bring attention to elderly homelessness. I"ve had to move 2x in 16 months due to broken pipes, sewer breakage. As we all know  life happens, however, the treatment I received after was deplorable. The system let me down, landlords (slumlords) are getting away with just taking deposits, leaving you with rodents, roaches all the while lying on paper. The last slumlord getting Federal funding to abuse tenants. Thinking because I'm elderly that we just have to take it. Who can afford to move 2x in  a year. 

I am doing this to make a statement and share my story through song, spoken word, and dance.

Complete with a video of my journey trying to get help. We have a voice and people have to be able to speak out..This will be me doing just that in hope others will speak out about the underbelly of how and why some of our elderly abused by a system that is suppose to protect.

I have no fear of truth...

About Elnah:

Elnah Jordan, a soul-stirring vocalist hailing from Ohio, has etched her name in the music world with her unforgettable renditions of gospel, jazz, blues, and R&B songs. From the church choir of her childhood to the streets of San Francisco, and then onto Broadway stages, Elnah’s powerful voice and engaging style have mesmerized audiences worldwide. Her performances, often paired with the versatile pianist Eric Verlinde, resonate with authenticity, passion, and a deep connection to the roots of American ethnomusicology. Elnah’s ability to interpret the vibe and energy of the room and invite the audience into her performance has set her apart as an artist. Whether she’s portraying the legendary Bessie Smith or summoning the spirit of Nina Simone, her music transcends genres, offering a unique and soulful experience. Discover Elnah’s music and journey into a world where blues, jazz, gospel, and rhythm & blues blend into a harmonious celebration of sound.

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