Seattle Waterfront Walk & Talk

Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 2pm

This event has passed.

As a part of the Seattle Design Festival's Design For Equity, Feet First presents the Seattle Waterfront Walk & Talk. This informative walk cues up DLR Group’s Seattle Waterfront Symposium, which includes speakers from Office of the Waterfront, Friends of Waterfront Seattle, Pike Place Market, Mack Urban, and Daniels Real Estate.

On this hour and half walk, we'll stop at the following locations to get a unique look from topic speakers of the opportunities and challenges for creating a Waterfront for All.

Pike Place Market 
Rico Quirindongo
Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Council Member and MarketFront Chair

Discuss the design elements of the MarketFront and connection to waterfront.

Seattle Aquarium
Chris Rogers
Founding Partner and Chief Officer

Discuss recently completed Master Plan for expansion with new facility integration with the Overlook Walk.   

Colman Dock
Genevieve Rucki, P.E. 
SR519/Seattle Multimodal Terminal - Project Manager

Discuss the waterfront’s new connection to businesses and find out the challenges and opportunities with the turning lane from the ferry and opportunities to provide flexible lanes. Identify how this integrated multimodal system supports the Ferries Long-Range Planning efforts.

Port of Seattle
Geri Poor, AICP
Regional Transportation Manager

Discuss Alaskan Way's role for many users and mulitiple modes including:

  • People on foot and bike
  • People taking the bus
  • Support of freight mobility between the City's two core industrial areas maritime commerce and international trade

Pioneer Square 
Marshall Foster
Planning Director at City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD)

Steve Pearce 
Waterfront Seattle Project Manager
Discuss walking connections from Pioneer Square neighborhood to the waterfront and the improvements along Main and Washington Streets to support a walkable community. 

Feet First Walk & Talk events foster active civic engagement. The events are designed to showcase area changes and ensure these new developments incorporate features to promote livable and walkable communities. The unique events encourage people to become more aware of the importance of safe, inviting, and accessible places for people of all ages and abilities to walk.

Location Details
Meet in the main entrance of the building - DLR Group, 51 University St, Seattle


DLR Group

51 University Street
Seattle, WA 98101