Heartsinspyre Entertainment presents: The Seattle FLOW Showcase
The 2nd annual cabaret style event showcasing the best & brightest in the Flow Arts community and Seattle Circus

Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 7pm

  • 21+
This event has passed.


Presenting an opportunity for members of Seattle's vast flow arts community & family to present their talent on stage before a live audience at Re-bar.

There will be 2 nearly identical performances this year as we are hoping to double our attendance and not leave anyone without a ticket or seat.. so there's an early show with doors at 7pm ending at 9:30pm at which point doors will open for the late show. Since that's an awful lot of tickets to fill the advanced admission price has been dropped to $10 but will go up closer to the event date and be $15 at the door. We also have a limited number of reserved VIP tables/front row seating available for $20 each which includes gifts and special treats tba from our sponsors. 



What is Flow?

Everyone has heard the term "going with the flow" before which refers to the path of least resistance which has a sage tone to it but this is not what we know of as "Flow". Going with the flow implies that once you cease to resist against the currents the river will take you wherever you need to go and applying your will against it is most often deemed futile. Well unless where you need to go is straight back to the ocean when you no longer have fins resistance in some shape or form is a requirement. We are not merely nature, we have mind and spirit which gives us a will and a purpose towards transmuting ever new thoughts and forms.

Flow is not when your life force goes limp and submits to the universe but rather Flow is when you work with it and hold your place as part of creation.

Flow-Artist ~

Individuals who practice object manipulation with props such as a hula-hoop(s), poi, or contact-balls. They are similar to jugglers, and may even use bowling-pins and the like, except their primary goal is to achieve a meditative mental state called "flow" rather than just entertain but as the tools themselves become extensions of a performer's both body and energy flowing forth in this enhanced cosmic state, FLOW Artists can present a truly unique visually stunning dance performance! 


VIDEOS OF LAST SHOWCASE ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZItDCer8KOg&ab_channel=HeartsinspyreEntertainment


1114 Howell Street
Seattle, Wa 98101

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