In Partnership with The Stranger & The Cloud Room Goodship Higher Education: The Urban Death Project
A Heady Lecture Series Under Heady Influence

Wed, Nov 2, 2016 from 7pm - 10pm

  • 21+
  • Bring ID for admission
  • We invite you to join us "pre-boarded" on the Goodship (read: stoned)
This event is SOLD OUT. Thank you!

The Goodship Company invites you to our November lecture of the Fall 2016 series of Goodship Higher Education featuring Katrina Spade on the Urban Death Project. 

We've had Katrina on our speaker list for about a year now. But we've wondered - is being stoned and talking about death the right pairing? After learning more about her project - how desperate the death industry is for a change, how compelling the mysteries are that surround death, its rituals, and our perceptions, how innovative her approach is - we knew we had to bring her on board. So get ready for an opportunity to confront, consider, and reframe one of the most challenging yet inevitable subjects we all face: death.



Speaker: Katrina Spade

Topic: The Urban Death Project

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Doors: 7:00pm

Lecture: 8:00pm

Location: King Street Station - 303 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104 - 3rd Floor

The Ask: We invite you to join us "pre-boarded" (have previously consumed marijuana) & bring your ID (21+ for admission)



Current funerary practices have come to us almost accidentally – part historical convention and part funeral industry mandate – and they are environmentally atrocious.  When left to the status quo, the last thing that most of us will do on this earth is poison it.

Death is a natural part of life. If we revisit how we treat death, it has the potential to deepen our connection to nature’s cycles, and remind us that all humans are equally valuable. In the future we envision every human death creating deep and lasting ecological wealth.

Because death is momentous, miraculous, and mysterious. Because the cycles of nature help us grieve and heal. Because our bodies are full of life-giving potential. The Urban Death Project proposes a new option for laying our loved ones to rest.



In partnership with the Stranger and the Cloud Room, Goodship Higher Education presents intimate conversations with some of our regions most brilliant minds, covering topics from space travel to re-animation to modernist cuisine. Our goal is to present some of the most innovative, mind-bending, revolutionary and extraordinary ideas happening in art, technology, science and philosophy. And we encourage both the audience and speakers to hop “on the Goodship” (aka have previously consumed marijuana). We look at the world through a different lens when high, and we think that it is a fun and enlightening experiment to partner altered states with big ideas. 



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