My Vhite House Christmas Spashial vith Melania

Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 5pm


Ees me, Melania Trump. I host very first MY VHITE HOUSE* CHRISTMAS SPASHIAL VITH MELANIA (*Live From Trump Tower). Ees good time to learn holiday vith Prasident Hasbund, our family, and new friend Steve Bannon and Mike Pence. I also talk about journey from vorld famous Slovenia supermodel from Slovenia to First Lady of Great-Again America.

Join me and Russian maid Ludmilla for exclusive look into glamour and Christmas!


Spend the evening with us at Seattle's luxurious Jewelbox Theatre (drinks & food during show) for a workshop reading of Jacques Lamarre's hilarious new comedy "MY VHITE HOUSE* CHRISTMAS SPASHIAL with Melania, *LIVE FROM TRUMP TOWER", directed by Fiely Matias (from off-Broadway's "Disenchanted!"), featuring two talented NW actors bringing Melania and Ludmilla to life.

Tickets are $10 General Admission or $60 for a VIP Reserved Premium Gold Mar-A-Lago Double Medallion Insiders Table (6 plush seats for 6 posh posteriors plus your own private table).

It's a little unorthodox in the Trump household, but MAMCHES is actually paying talent with your ticket purchases!

We will be selling out, so get your tickets early.

The Jewelbox Theater

2322 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121