Lincoln Barr // Dominic Castillo // Damon Castillo

Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 9pm

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Doors at 8:45pm

Tickets: $10 adv/ $12 dos

Lincoln Barr is a songwriter and singer living in Pendleton, OR. In the spring of 2017, after thirteen years leading Seattle-based pop group Red Jacket Mine, he released his debut solo album, Trembling Frames - a set of deeply personal songs that grapple with trauma and the instability of memory. Featuring a stellar cast of studio musicians, including Calexico drummer John Convertino, the album's sound revels in the beguiling complexity of the Great American Songbook and the work of (slightly) more contemporary auteurs like Burt Bacharach and Angelo Badalamenti. 

The words “singer/songwriter” usually conjure up images of a lone voice and an acoustic guitar. Don’t get me wrong, Damon Castillo can do that. On his latest album, Mess Of Me, just listen to the sweet, nostalgic “I'm So Happy I Could Die” or even "Saint Cecilia" which adds a Nico-inspired string quartet. But he can also deliver unabashed pop songs like “I Hope You Figure It Out” and "California Minute" as well as sexy R&B jams like “Rocket Of Love” and “Mess Of Me”. And just as his writing chops let him cross genres at will, his production chops let him tailor each song to its greatest effect, whether that is warm and sweet like "Sometime Guy", to grandiose and cinematic like "I Will Remain". 

Damon is from San Luis Obispo, a town on the central coast of California that National Geographic and Oprah deemed “the happiest place in the country”. Nestled in on the south side, not far from rolling hills of pinot noir and chardonnay, he operates out of his studio, Laurel Lane. 

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