WARP Theatre Presents Epic: A Heroine's Odyssey

Opening October 13th through October 21st


There will be no performance on Thursday, October 19th!



Writers and Actors Reading and Performing Theatre Presents:

Epic: A Heroine's Odyssey

Four short works for theatre examining and celebrating women, people of color, and the LGBTQ communities, in the Traditional Fantasy Genre.

Epic follows a group of adventurers through 3 quests making their way through their personal dungeons.


My Dungeons, My Dragons
Written by: Kendall Uyeji
Directed by: Jennifer Noel Klouse
Starring: Laura Marx, Mara Elissa Palma, Kay Whitney, Eric Singletary.

Synopsis: A group of adventurers gathers together to form a merry band, making their way through their own personal dungeons together.


Sirens' Journey
Written By: Rebecca K. Hsia
Directed By: Joe Derr
Starring: Mara Elissa Palma, Robin Kallsen, Laura Marx, Kay Whitney, Emery Minh, Saya Jean, Aviona Rodriguez-Brown, Eric Singletary.

Synopsis: Two Sirens journey through the underworld looking for freedom but realize that it comes from finding themselves.


Galatea's Daughter
Written By: Ramon Arjona
Directed By: Aviona Rodriguez-Brown
Starring: Molly Blades, Robin Kallsen

Synopsis: The meeting of one's parent for the first time is never easy, but what happens when your parent is a different entity entirely? Follow the journey of Galatea's Daughter in her ultimate struggle to identify herself in her mother.


Music & Lyrics By: John Paul Sharp
Directed By: Joe Derr, Jennifer Noel Klouse, and Aviona Rodriguez-Brown
Starring: Mara Elissa Palma, Robin Kallsen, Aviona Rodriguez-Brown, Laura Marx, Kay Whitney, Emery Minh, Saya Jean, Eric Singletary, Molly Blades.

Synopsis: A goddess has a vision of the end of her world.


Running October 13th through October 21st.

*Special "Pay What You May" Preview: October 12th - 7:30pm

*Matinee "Pay What You May" Performance: October 15th - 1:30pm

Theatre Puget Sound, Theatre 4

305 Harrison St
Armory Building — Fourth Floor

Seattle, WA 98109

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