Cumulus and Kris Angelis LIVE on Band in Seattle

Thu, Jun 14 at 7pm

  • All ages
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What's more Seattle than supporting your local businesses? Supporting your local musicians, that's what. So be a responsible Northwestern-er and get yourself down to Victory Studios for the taping of our next episode of Band in Seattle with Cumulus and Kris Angelis on June 14th. Front doors open at 6PM at Victory Studios, 2247 15th Avenue West (near the Interbay Golf Center).


"Niedzialkowski’s vocals blend a romantic simplicity with an otherworldly beauty, a dynamic enhanced by the combo of low, rumbling bass and jagged guitar.”  - Chris Koplan, Consequence of Sound

"Cumulus is the type of band whose music saves lives. Not literally, of course—although who knows, stranger things have happened—but the Seattle group's sincere guitar-ringing pop is so lovely and warm that it feels just as vital as blood and breath." Portland Mercury

"Mimicked in the morbidly attractive I Never Meant It To Be Like This album cover is the sugar-coated toughness of Cumulus’ sound. The debut, produced in Anacortes, easily layers Alex’s wholesome, girlish vocals with confident, crashing guitar riffs.” KEXP

Kris Angelis:

Sometimes, you hear certain songs and tones that are so commercially viable that you ask yourself, “how is this not a major record already?”. A ptime example of this is Kris Angelis’ track, “Built This House”, which feels tailor made for Top 40 radio. Angelis has already seen some decent success, though, as she’s put out an album and an EP, played several major festivals, and has previously premiered music on Ryan Seacrest’s website. One listen to “Built This House”, and you’ll be calling up your local radio station to ask them to put it into rotation. Listen to the enormous potential of Kris Angelis below:

Victory Studios

2247 15th Ave. West
Seattle, WA 98119

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