Beverly crusher, Pity party, Spider Cider, Itemfinder

Wed, Jun 27 at 8pm

  • 21+
This event has passed.

SoundGig Presents....


Beverly Crusher

" This is my go to band when I'm enjoying a nice can of cat food" - Frank Reynolds


Pity Party

"I like this band" Bill Nye the Science Guy



Spider Cider

"If you ever want to see your dimmadome packed out and the youth having a good time, see this band. They also have a spoopy name" -Doug Dimmadome owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome




"When I was a young skater board shredder this band was like the I listen to them and Im like WOAH this band is the coolest!!!! Thats why there music is the theme music to all my shows" - Guy Fieri

Victory Lounge

433 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

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