Change in the Family
2018 Social Justice Film Festival

Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 7pm

This event has passed.

Director Sam Hampton brings heart to this transgender-transition film with a story of celebration, health, and unconditional love. A much-needed portrayal of biracial trans and gender-nonconforming lives in America, this documentary chronicles the transition of Zo Thorpe and the sympathetic response of his family. But Change in the Family is about so much more than the transition experience; it speaks to the complexity of young adulthood, being a person of color, having a biracial identity, and coming out as trans and gender-nonconforming. Zo’s story provides hope for a time when portraying this type of experience is no longer so unusual.

Presented by TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival.

(Sam Hampton, USA 62 min)

Directions: Wyckoff Auditorium is located in the Engineering Building of Seattle University. (ENGR building (D1) on this map). Public transportation is encouraged, but visitor parking is available for $6 after 3pm in the P5 parking lot (on the map at E1). More info on parking at Seattle University here.


Screens With:



Fear meets gay desire against a background of sitcom homophobia and jarring personal testimonies. Textured layers of figures move in and out of difficult scenarios, resolving into knowing acceptance.

(Wrik Mead, Canada, 5 min)

Lambeth Lights

Shot in the same streets where the director grew up, in this homage to Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights, hope, care, justice, and community are found in the least expected places.

(Luca Bertoluzzi, UK, 24 min)

An Act of Terror

The true story of Virginia Christian, a 16-year-old African American girl accused of murder in the Jim Crow South.

(Ashley Paige Brim, USA, 16 min)

My Black Is...

Young women of color set out to redefine what black is to them and, in doing so, reveal the microaggressions and injustice that young women of color face.

(Miguel Valdez & Eunice Beato, USA, 6 min)

Seattle University - Wyckoff Auditorium

11th Ave and E Columbia St.
Seattle, WA 98122

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