The Turn Out
2018 Social Justice Film Festival

Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 7pm

This event has passed.

In a small town in Southern Appalachia, a trucker must decide if he will stand up and take action against sex trafficking at his truckstop. The Turn Out melds the testimony and talents of sex trafficking survivors, anti-trafficking activists, and truckers with the work of film professionals to create a tapestry of moral dilemma and personal connection in the local landscape of Glouster, Ohio, Athens County, and Mineral Wells, West Virginia.

(Pearl Gluck, USA, 77 min)

Directions: Wyckoff Auditorium is located in the Engineering Building of Seattle University. (ENGR building (D1) on this map). Public transportation is encouraged, but visitor parking is available for $6 after 3pm in the P5 parking lot (on the map at E1). More info on parking at Seattle University here.

Screens with:

The Sandman

A Georgia doctor and leader of the state’s lethal injection team offers a rare reflection on the contradictory world of medicalized executions.

(Lauren Knapp, USA, 19 min)

Seattle University - Wyckoff Auditorium

11th Ave and E Columbia St.
Seattle, WA 98122

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