Lillie Lemon • Itaca

Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 8pm

  • 21+
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Lillie Lemon (Monterey, CA)
CD Baby:

Lillie Lemon's recently released EP, Aether, features synthpop landscapes drawn around the four elements. Heavy lyrical content with upbeat moods makes this album a refreshing blend, with each track as distinctive as the last.

"Musically and vocally speaking, their new EP Aether sounds more sweet than sour. [...] But if you delve into the lyrics, Lillie Lemon is dealing with some topics that are anything but birthday cake and unicorns. It all starts at the top as the opener, "California Drifting (the Fault Breaks)," takes a look at the future of the great state of California once the fault breaks. Spoiler alert: it morphs into an island and all the out of touch actors and actresses immediately are swallowed up by the ocean (I took the liberty of adding that second part). As depressing as this song could sound in the wrong hands, Lillie Lemon makes the disintegrating US coastline sound so pleasant and poppy." -

Itaca (Roma / Berlin)
Ossi Viola and Lo Selbo met in 2011 in the roman quarter of Portonaccio. Back then, Viola had moved to Rome in order to study Musicology, while Selbo had travelled there due to ‘Berlin cabin fever.’ Shortly after, they fell in love and founded the band Itaca. They chose to sing in the language of their first encounter: italiano. Ossi speaks fluent Italian, Lo Selbo talks in riddles, but increases his wordpool with every new song he sings.
Itaca’s music mirrors italian cantautori of the 70’s (Lucio Battisti, Franco Battiato), synthpop of the 80’s (Yazoo, Human League, Depeche Mode) and psychedelic artpop of the noughties (Animal Collective, The Knife). During the past two years they have toured throughout Italy and also navigated Berlin’s DIY-Jungle.
April 21st 2017 will see the release of their new record Itaca Mi Manchi (Itaca I Miss You) on the Tuscan label Aloch Dischi.

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8pm // 21+ // $5/$8

The Central Saloon

207 1st Avenue South
Seattle, Wa 98104

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