Science of Coffee: Making
Presented by Onda Coffee and Ada's

Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 6pm

  • 21+
This event has passed.

Onda Coffee and Ada's proudly present a workshop series on The Science of Coffee! Attend one, or the remaining three, and learn more about the science behind the world's most wonderful beverage.

Workshop Two: Making

Brewing coffee is chemistry. Come experiment with us, and try different brewing equipment and methods to discover how important proper extraction is for a balanced cup of coffee. Master anything from pour-over to immersion brew. Bring in your favorite brewing method to practice on (and we'll have some for you to try as well). We'll provide guidance and tips to help you hone your skills.


The Lab at Ada's

This workshop is part of a four part series, attend any individually or attend all four for $30!

10.10.18 - Science of Coffee: Tasting

10.24.18 - Science of Coffee: Making

11.07.18 - Science of Coffee: Sustainability 

11.20.18 - Science of Coffee: Tracing

The Lab at Ada's

425 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112