Original music inspired by Seattle7Writers

Sat, Mar 2, 2019 at 7:30pm

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Word Play: Original Music inspired by Seattle7Writers
Writers include Anca Szilagyi (Daughters of the Air), Michael Schmeltzer (Blood Song) and Laurie Frankel (This Is How It Always Is).
Saturday, March 2nd 2019 at Hugo House

For this event we also want to offer complimentary tickets to those librarians and teachers who help support our communities and schools.


Please RSVP for your FREE tickets on the ticket page.
Email thebushwickbookclubseattle@gmail.com for ticket code or grab your tickets at the door. Just let us know at which Library or School you do the good work you do. We will have tickets available at the door.


This is our annual collaboration with Seattle7Writers where we bring 3 Seattle7Writers and partner each author with 3 musicians. That brings us 3 authors and 9 musicians! And everyone will be on hand at the event to discusss the evening with the audience. It's a unique look into what a "book talk" can be, and how musicians can connect with an author and with an audience.


WordPlay 2019 Authors include:

Anca Szilagyi (Daughters of the Air)
"Simultaneously elegiac and remarkably propulsive, Daughters of the Air tells the story of Tatiana (aka Pluta), a girl attempting to break away from her pastwhile haunted by the memory of her father, who was "disappeared" by the Argentine government. The book offers a moving and memorable exploration of how the traumas of history burrow into individuals and fester, sprouting strange and sometimes even lovely phenomena."

—Peter Mountford, author of A Young Man's Guide to Late Capitalism and The Dismal Science
Michael Schmeltzer (Blood Song)
"There is a radical nostalgia at the heart of Blood Song, a nostalgia that recovers the wounds of experience and brings it to a rich, imaginative culmination. In this way, the book’s title is profoundly apt: on the one hand, Michael Schmeltzer’s poems are about blood and the tragic consciousness that is the result of our being in time; on the other hand, the poems are about song, the reconciling artfulness that is the source of the best poetry. As one of Schmeltzer’s canny speakers says, "I know / better. I’m no better.” Equally unsettling and ravishing, Blood Song is a terrific debut." — Rick Barot author of Chord
Laurie Frankel (This Is How It Always Is)
“It’s early days, but this big-hearted novel about a family with a transgender child is in the lead for the most sensitively and sincerely told story of 2017…Frankel’s portrayal of even the most openhearted parents’ doubts and fears around a child’s gender identity elevates this novel.”
People, “Book of the Week”

Hugo House

1634 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

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