Actual Pain & Chop Suey Present CUT HANDS (William Bennett/WhiteHouse)

Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 9pm

  • 21+
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Black Rain (NYC, Blackest Ever Black)
With DJ sets From:
Actual Pain

"Bennett founded Whitehouse in 1980, with a mind to creating "the most extreme music ever recorded". They succeeded. The group remained at the forefront of the experimental and noise scenes over the next 27 years, invariably creating controversy and stimulating debate with their choice of violent and sexual subject matter, before eventually disbanding in 2007. A specialist in linguistics and unconscious communication, Bennett now helms the mass hypnosis experimental project, Extralinguistic Sequencing, which premiered at Tate Britain in 2010. For Cut Hands, rhythm is his chosen weapon; on recently released album Afro Noise I - eight years in the making - he utilises vaudou and Central African percussion in radical new ways, generating a sound unrivalled in its physical intensity." - Resident Advisor

"In the early 90s, avant garde New York veteran Stuart Argabright set up an industrial death metal band called Black Rain. He had led other projects like Ike Yard and Dominatrix and worked with hip hop artist Rammellzee, but Black Rain was to morph into a fascinating duo with Shinichi Shimokawa.
Oddly, and presciently, considering the soundtrack work of fellow early-90s industrial musician Trent Reznor, they worked on two soundtrack works – Robert Longo’s 1995 film Johnny Mnemonic and an audiobook of cyberpunk core-reading text Neuromancer by William Gibson. Neither of which saw the light of day beyond a very limited CD releases (Sony cut the vast majority of Black Rain’s music from the Keanu Reeves turkey Johnny Mnemonic), and were, in the words of the press release, largely forgotten." - Dummy

Chop Suey

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