LoFi Arts Festival - Must Be Present to WIN!

Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 10am

Tickets are no longer available online but are available at the gate. CASH ONLY $20 Vehicle/$30 General Admission Passenger/$20 Bicycle.
No Dogs Allowed.


In an ongoing attempt to lessen the strain gas-powered vehicles put on our land, we have taken a page from the WA State Ferry book and are offering incentives for car-pooling. Passengers will pay $10 less than last year and there is a per vehicle charge. This will require more planning on your end as a patron but, if we're going to slow global warming, it will take more planning all around.

The 2013 Lo-Fi Arts Festival *Must Be Present to Win! will feature site-specific work in all visual and performance media located in and engaged with the Smoke Farm landscape on August 24, 2013. Plan your visit as many of the works are illuminated or light-based, and evening entertainment abounds.

Families welcome. Children under 12 get in free. They must be supervised at all times. Sorry, no dogs allowed.

PLEASE drive slowly and cautiously on Smokes Road as there are old dogs laying in the road. Cars parked on the County Road will be ticketed and towed.

Individual Artists: Adria Garcia, Alex Bleecker, Allison Manch, Allyce Wood, Amanda James Parker, Amy Billharz, Ariel Burke, Bret Fetzer, Brian Gerich, Briar Bates, Bryant Mason, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Cyan James, David Hrivnak, Devon Midori Hale, Ellen Dicola, Erin Brindley, Erin Shafkind, Evan Blackwell, Ian Horton, ilvs strauss, Jennifer Law, Jenny Littlefield, Jeremy Springsteed, Jessica Hatlo, Jessica Jobaris, Joanna Lepore, John Boylan, Joselynn Engstrom, Kate Fernandez, Kate Jessup, Kim Doyel, Kristi Krein, Kyle Croft, Laura Elizabeth Becker, Lyndsey Baldwin, Lydia Swartz, Maija Fiebig, Mark Siano, Mat Griesse, Meredith Myre, Monica Schley, Nikolai Lesnikov, Nicole Kistler, Pamela Davis, Quinn Franzen, Rachel Green, Rachel Ravitch, Robb Kunz, Ryan Law, Sarah Kavage, Seth Chrisman, Shannon Welles, Sierra Nelson, Sofia Piel, Spike Friedman, Steven Chavez, Tanya Brno, Tessa Hulls, Tim Smith-Stewart, William James and Yuri Kinoshita.

Artist Groups: Acrobatic Conundrum, Cafe Nordo, Cabbage Tree Mob, Common Industries, Interrupture, Jack Straw Productions/2013 Jack Straw Writers, Orkestar Zirconium, PE|Mo/Hatlo + Rosa Vissers, Satori Group, The Eternal Glow Project, The Habit, The Singing in the Rain Family Choir, Vis-À-Vis Society

The Lo-Fi Festival Vision: A 24 hour exploration of installation, performance, and interaction with the Farm which seeks to seed the Farm with narrative and inquiry about place and our use of landscape; providing an unusual opportunity for artists to work in expansive ways within a specific site.

The Smoke Farm Venue: As the Farm is invested in conservation and habitat restoration as part of its mission, a lo-tech or no-tech, "pack-it-in, pack-it-out" ethos is central to our approach to the land. A 360 acre former dairy farm in a serene river valley situated outside Arlington, WA; Smoke Farm focuses on supporting art, science, and philosophy through creative engagement and community work as a project of the Rubicon Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.

Food: We will have several food trucks, local produce and some culinary guest stars for the festival, so bring cash! We will also provide grills and charcoal for those who wish to cook their own food.

Gates open at 10 am on Saturday August 24. Tickets are available online at Stranger Tickets.

Limit of Liability Notice:
Smoke Farm is a farm. Event is outdoors. Conditions are primitive. Paths and roads are unpaved. Uneven ground, sharp/heavy objects, open flame, vehicular traffic, noxious plants, wildlife, inclement weather, and other potential hazards & nuisances may be encountered. Bring appropriate shoes and clothing, sun screen, plus whatever keeps you happy and safe. Most of all, bring good sense! Smoke Farm, the Rubicon Foundation, Lo-Fi Arts, their various board members and volunteers are not liable for any injury or loss sustained in connection with this event.

Your ticket purchase constitutes acceptance of all liability while at Smoke Farm.

Smoke Farm focuses on supporting art, science, and philosophy through creative engagement and community work as a project of the Rubicon Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.

Smoke Farm

12731 Smokes Road
Arlington, WA 98223