The Fifth Smoke Farm Symposium

Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 10:30am

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Smoke Farm Symposium

The Fifth Smoke Farm Symposium
Saturday, Aug 3 2013, 10:30 am–nightfall
12731 Smokes Road, Arlington, WA 98223
Tickets: The talks are free (but please sign up), $10 suggested donation for dinner. Space is limited.

Scientists, activists, scholars, artists, journalists, and others gather at Smoke Farm each year for the late-summer Symposium—a day of lectures and conversation, capped off with a communal dinner by an accomplished Seattle chef. Past speakers have included fellows of the MacArthur and Soros foundations, members of the Black Panther Party, an architect working on environmentally sustainable city planning with the Chinese government, paleo-ecologists, graphic designers, research physicians, actors, and others.

This is our fifth Symposium. The chef will be Monica Dimas of Anchovies & Olives. The presenters will be:

Micah White “The Role of Cascadia in Leaderless Revolution”

Micah White is an editor-at-large for Adbusters and the American creator of the Occupy Wall Street meme.

Deborah Gordon “Ant Colonies, Brains, and the Internet: How Things Work with No One in Charge”

Deborah M. Gordon, a professor of biology at Stanford University, studies how ant colonies operate without central control and the evolution of collective behavior.

Endnotes “Spontaneity, Mediation, Rupture”

Endnotes is a small collective with members scattered across the US and Europe which irregularly publishes a journal of communist theory, including the influential essay “Misery and Debt.” The third issue will be published this fall.

Kathryn Rogers Merlino “The Value of Repair”

Kathryn Rogers Merlino is an assistant professor in the department of architecture at the University of Washington.

Bob Brock “As If Nothing Has Been Gained: Getting Organized Labor Out Of Its Existential Funk”

Bob Brock is from Butte, Montana, and is the Western United States Organizing Coordinator for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Eddie Yuen “Can We Imagine the End of Capitalism Before the End of the World?”

Eddie Yuen is a writer, editor, and radio producer who teaches in the Urban Studies Department at the San Francisco Art Institute. He co-edited The Battle of Seattle: The New Challenge to Capitalist Globalization and is the co-author of Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth.

David Shapiro “My Life: As If”

David Shapiro is a philosopher, a professor at the University of Washington, and the world’s foremost writer of the 327-word essay. His most recent book is titled Yoga, Cycling, and Pot: 99 327-Word Essays on Bending, Biking, Baking, and More.

Monica Dimas Dinner

Monica Dimas has cooked at Campagne, Le Pichet, Spinasse, La Bete, and Monsoon and is currently working at Anchovies & Olives. During the summer months, Dimas and her mother host Mexican dinners where they cook food from her mother’s childhood in the Michoacan region.

Homemade tamales and hibiscus tea, made by Monica's mother, will be available for purchase at lunchtime.

Please join us.

Presented with the generous support of the Rubicon Foundation and the Riverstyx Foundation.

Smoke Farm

12731 Smokes Road
Arlington, WA 98223