Workshop for Artists on Gallery Representation

Sat, Jan 26, 2019 at 2pm

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Deciding if gallery representation is right for your art career? Applying to galleries with no luck? Wanting to understand how formal representation works, and what a gallery can or can't do for you? 

Former and current Seattle gallerists Shayla M. Alarie and Sarra Scherb provide a deep dive on the world of fine art galleries, including strategies for researching and approaching a gallery, brushing up your artist statement and materials, what galleries will or won't do for you, and the differences between self-promotion and gallery promotion. 

This workshop is aimed at emerging and mid-career artists who may have had limited or no prior experience working with a gallery, or those who may be frustrated or stalled with their current representation. Particular focus on preparing professional materials for review, the gallerist/artist relationship, types of representation, and how to make it mutually beneficial for both sides.

About the Presenters:
Sarra Scherb is a gallerist, curator, freelance writer and journalist who has been based in Seattle for fifteen years. She has worked with galleries, museums, publications, and individual artists across the Northwest to publicize artwork and exhibitions, develop and curate shows, and cover the arts scene. She holds an MA in Museology.  

Shayla M. Alarie recently left gallery work after fifteen years to return to education. She was the director of the antique department at Davidson Galleries and worked in both sales and administration for Foster/White Gallery, Maruskiya's of Nome and Anderson O'Brien Fine Art. Within the local art scene she has been the secretary for the Seattle Art Dealer's Association, juried art exhibitions, given lectures and assisted in fine art appraisals and authentications. Shayla holds an M.A. in art history and is currently a professor at Seattle University.

Kirkland Arts Center

620 Market Street
Kirkland, WA 98033

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