Presented in partnership with Mississippi Comic Con Turned to the Sun and other Visually-Striking Shorts

Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 4pm

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The Fox

Short (10 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh / Islamic Republic of Iran / Animation

A young fox on the verge of experiencing first love is trapped by a hunter.

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Short (5 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Ronnie Cramer / USA / Animation

2,500 drawings and 500 years of world art in 5 minutes, animated old school style.

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Short (4 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Clarissa Gregory / USA / Animation

The lyrical unfolding of the passage of time in the life of a cicada.

Special category: Female Filmmaker


Run Rostam Run

Animation (12 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Hossein Molayemi / Islamic Republic of Iran / Drama

Rostam must time travel to contemporary Tehran to make up for what he has done to his son.

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Special category: Female Filmmaker



Short (9 min.) / Dir. Carrie Simon & Mark Davis, Prod. Carrie Simon / Mississippi / Drama

To know freedom, you must know what you’ve been freed of…

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Special category: Mississippi, Female Filmmaker


Turned to the Sun

Short (4 min.) / Dir. Keith Wilhelm Kopp, Prod. Laurence Guy / UK / Drama

Ben is running away from his past. Can he break the chains of his trauma to live freely or forever be overshadowed by his demons?


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Short (10 min.) / Dir. Victor Perez, Prod. Tomas Wall & Victor Perez / UK / Drama

A girl wakes up in the middle of nowhere to see her own reflection, but 10 seconds in the future.

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Special category: Female Filmmaker

Malco Grandview (Screen A)

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