Difficult People and other Shorts about Relationships

Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 3pm

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The Art of Saying Goodbye

Short (15 min.) / Dir. Erika Sanz, Prod. Jeff El-Einin & Irene Menéndez / USA / Drama, Comedy

Writer Eli and aspiring actress Angela are on the brink of a breakup, but an unexpected visit may change everything.

Film websitehttp://agenciafreak.com/en/film/THE-ART-OF-SAYING-GOODBYE/808

Film trailerhttps://vimeo.com/276405617

Special category: Female Filmmaker



Short (21 min.) / Dir. Benjamin Caro, Prod. Bay Dariz & Ruby Siering / USA / Drama, Romance

Through a psychedelic experience with a blind man, a young man sees his marriage from a new perspective.

Film trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojF360uTqV0&t

Special category: Female Filmmaker


Are You Volleyball?!

Short (15 min.) / Dir. Mohammad Bakhshi, Prod. Nima Rabiei / Islamic Republic of Iran / Drama, Political

At the border, a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication.

Film website:  www.areyouvolleyball.com



Short, Student (10 min.) / Dir. Emily Raye Brown / USA / Romantic Comedy

A young musician wakes up to find all of her belongings in boxes and replaced with someone else's.

Film trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XMmqKUtlVE

Special category: Mississippi, Female Filmmaker



Short (15 min.) / Dir. Tristan Taylor / USA

Two young men host a dinner party to try and pick up girls.

Film trailerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS20BdE1S44&t=1s

Special category: African-American Filmmaker


Difficult People (Kashmakash)

Student (20 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Sohil Vaidya / USA / Drama

An aspiring graffiti artist in Mumbai struggles to find his creative expression in the vast liberating spaces.

Film trailerhttps://vimeo.com/290424514

Special category: Female Filmmaker



Short (11 min.) / Dir. Sune Sorensen, Prod. Christian Juliussen / Denmark / Drama

On a road trip in the old family Beetle, Alex and his father are forced to deal with their past issues.

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