Thank You for Supporting the Arts

Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 5pm

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Odd Job Man (Altmuligmand)

Short (22 min.) / Dir. Marianne Blicher, Prod. Klaus Byskov Pedersen & Marianne Blicher / Denmark / Drama

In a sparkling world filled with colorful drag queens, does he dare pursue a dusty dream?

Special category: Female Filmmaker, LGBTQ


Thank You for Supporting the Arts

Doc (75 min.) / Dir. Carolann Stoney, W. Alexander Jones, Prod. Jessica Daugherty, Danielle Higgins, & Cintamani Calise / USA / Drama

Stripper “Viva Las Vegas” preaches thank you for supporting the arts to people who throw bills on stage while she dances naked in a dark Portland strip club.  

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Special category: Female Filmmaker

Malco Grandview (Screen B)

221 Grandview Blvd.
Madison, MS 39110

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