Her Body and Other Shorts by Female Filmmakers
Followed by a moderated discussion panel

Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 6:45pm

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The Delta Girl

Short, Student (16 min.) / Dir. Jaclyn Bethany, Prod. Mikhail Makeev / Mississippi / Drama

In 1964 Mississippi at the height of the Civil Rights movement, young Magnolia is torn between right and wrong.

Special category: Mississippi, Female Filmmaker


Ato San Nen

Short (26 min.) / Dir. Pedro Collantes, Prod. Pedro Collantes de Terán Bayonas, Marc Benoit Crancier, & Mayi Gutiérrez Cobo / Spain / Drama

Marisa and her dog Tico receive an unexpected visit from Hiroshi, a Japanese gentleman who claims to be friends with Marisa's son.

Film websitehttp://www.madridencorto.es/ato-san-nen

Film trailerhttps://vimeo.com/253802059

Special category: Female Filmmaker


Goddess House

Short (6 min.) / Dir. Marion Hill, Prod. Kelsey Scult / USA / Drama

The Queen of the Goddess House will not rise from bed today.

Film trailerhttps://vimeo.com/282614006

Special category: Female Filmmaker, LGBTQ


They Have Feeling Too

Animation (3 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Destini Ruffin / Mississippi / Drama

Exploration into bullying.

Special category: Mississippi, Female Filmmaker, African-American Filmmaker


Take a deep breath!

Student (4 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Zahra Safdari Shadloo / Islamic Republic of Iran / Animation

A lonely and fearful woman decides to be brave and go out again.

Special category: Female Filmmaker, African-American Filmmaker


Road to Zion

Student (15 min.) / Dir. Andrew Reid, Prod. Courtney Grace & Kathleen Gardner / USA / Drama

An illegal Jamaican immigrant finds his life in Los Angeles shaken by forces outside his control.

Special category: Female Filmmaker, African-American Filmmaker


Asia A

Student (20 min.) / Dir. Andrew Reid, Prod. Jake Katofsky & Eric Baird / USA / Disability

A spinal cord injury patient struggles to reconcile his sense of self-worth with his new reality.

Film trailerhttps://vimeo.com/284414322

Special category: Female Filmmaker, African-American Filmmaker


Roots and Wings

Doc (22 min.) / Dir. & Prod. Hanna Miller / Mississippi / Drama

Leatrice just wants her husband Robby to get a job at Sanderson Farms Chicken Processing Plant.

Special category: Mississippi, Female Filmmaker


Her Body

Short (11 min.) / Dir. Juan Avella, Prod. Esteban Arango, Bernardo Maurovich / Mexico / Drama

A Latina immigrant wakes up in a garage, bound and about to be sold to a body trafficking ring.

Film trailerhttps://filmfreeway.com/submissions/10612626

Special category: Female Filmmaker

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