Town Hall and Ada's proudly present UW Science Engage!

4/11/19 Doors at 7pm, Program at 7:30pm

  • 21+
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Town Hall and Ada's proudly present UW Science Engage! Engage is a program where graduate students build their skills of communicating with the public about their work.



Robyn Emery

Our genes make up who we are. They control everything from hair color to height. They also control how susceptible we are to certain infections, such as tuberculosis (TB). TB remains a top infectious disease killer worldwide despite millions of dollars spent on antibiotics to eliminate it. The main problem is that there is only one vaccine against TB, which is a hundred years old and effective in adults. I research how genes involved in inflammation make a person more or less susceptible to become ill with TB. By better understanding how our body responds to TB infection, and why some people are more susceptible, we can take major steps towards developing a more effective vaccine.  

Trevor Harrison 

Humans live on and around coastal waters, interacting with them for recreational, commercial, and spiritual purposes. To understand the health of our waters, we must understand how they function, how tides, currents, and waves move nutrients and pollutants. And to do that, we need observations. In this talk, I will introduce the microFloat, an inexpensive, underwater, drifting sensor platform for distributed and simultaneous measurements in energetic coastal waterways like Puget Sound. I’ll discuss the difficulties of making measurements in these environments, some other ways we make observations, and how the new data offered by microFloats will help improve our understanding of coastal water circulation.

Kali Esancy

21+ with ID

The Lab at Ada's

The Lab at Ada's

425 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112

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